10 Best Cafes In Nelson For Treating Your Taste Buds Better

10 Best Cafes In Nelson For Treating Your Taste Buds Better

Nelson city is an important tourist destination as one feels here to see the beauty of nature, thus it is perfect for nature lovers. There are many fun things to do with various adventure activities that can take your adrenaline to the next level. If you are a chaser for adventure, this may be the perfect place for you to waste. However, the city is also famous for some of the most amazing cafes you will find anywhere.

Many are inexpensive Cafe in Nelson The city that might not even end up taking a toll on your pocket can help you have a wonderful experience of the city. We have compiled a list of the 10 best cafes in Nelson New Zealand, which are not to be missed at any cost. So, if you have chosen Nelson as the place for your next trip, these are Nelson restaurants and cafes that you need to check as soon as you arrive there.

Best time to visit nelson

Tourist spot

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According to the kind of activities you are planning in Nelson, you need to plan your trip. There are many tourists who visit this city during the hot months of December to February, you can choose to go during the spring. The spring time in Nelson is during September to November and manages to attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Like a travel guide your hotel booking along with your other bookings should be managed before your trip to ensure that you do not fall into a troublesome situation.

10 Best Cafes in Nelson

Cafes in Nelson, New Zealand can certainly prove to be helpful, if you budget this city too tight, it is difficult for you to spend top dollar in very expensive places. With that being said, check out the list of 10 amazing cafes of this city.

1. Melrose House Cafe

Perfect House Cafe

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It should be the first pick to discover its cafe in Nelson city as it is one of the most famous cafes in the city. Melrose House Cafe in Nelson regularly attracts a large number of tourists as the top quality of service is found here. To reach this cafe and spend some quality time with yourself or someone you take with you, you have to reach Brogham Street.

Best dishes and dishes of this cafe
You can find various cuisine options in this cafe, from contemporary to vegetarian. Apart from this, this cafe is a pure enjoyment for the vegetarian people as a variety of vegetarian food can be enjoyed here. In addition, Melrose House Cafe has various gluten-free options to ensure that you take care of your health while living in the city of Nelson.

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2. Morrie Street Cafe

Perfect Street Cafe

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This is yet another amazing cafe you need to visit in Nelson, New Zealand. The Morris Street Cafe is located near the city center and is a major tourist location. The daily breakfast base attracts so many visitors that while being here the amazing breakfast menu becomes the same. So, if you are going to meet Nelson, you can now know the right place for your morning coffee.

What does this place specialize in?
The Black Coffee of Morrie Street Cafe is considered to be the specialty of this place and it is something that should not be left out at any cost. Apart from this, there are many other recipes that you can enjoy here. Be sure to set your budget before going to this café or any one of the hotels in the city.

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3. River Kitchen

Burgers & Snacks

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This is another cafe in Nelson that you should not miss at any cost. River Cafe in Nelson is located on Trafalgar Street in Nelson City and can be visited if you want to have a good wine time. Among other dishes, you can get a wonderful toast of wine while staying at Nelson’s River Kitchen Cafe.
About food and service
While you may have to wait to get your food to the table, the quality of the food in this cafe is on par. A cup of amazing coffee can be enjoyed while visiting this cafe.

4. Devil’s Cafe

Devil's Cafe in Nelson

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It is also a famous café in Nelson and is open from 8 am to 2:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. Thus, you need to plan your trip not to miss these early hours of this cafe. Devil’s Cafe in Nelson is a place where you can find enjoyable music regardless of the time you decide to go. If you are coming in the summer time, Friday night can bring a musical time for you so that you can forget all your worries and stress.

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5. Chapel Cafe

Creamy Cake

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This cafe is located on Haven Road and if Nelson is your next travel destination, it needs to be visited. The Chapel Cafe in Nelson, New Zealand is not to be missed if you plan to enjoy delicious cuisine while you are in the city of Nelson. The Chapel Cafe can be enjoyed on Sunday morning to enjoy a wonderful breakfast or brunch.
Best thing about this cafe
If you are going to visit this cafe, handle your tastes for a wonderful experience. If you are on your list of places to visit in the city of Nelson, you would be better off booking your table in advance. However, you do not have to worry about parking as there are plenty of parking areas available in this cafe.

6. Kush Coffee

Coffee Cafe

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Located in Church Street, this cafe is welcoming to you in a memorable way so that you will never forget your visit to Nelson. If you are visiting Kush Coffee in Nelson, you get to see a kind of atmosphere. Apart from this, you have to know that there are various international cuisines that one can taste in this cafe, thus it is an ideal place for tourists.
Best dish in this cafe
However, the best thing about this cafe is that the quality of the coffee you find here is appreciated, which is liked by almost everyone. Kush Coffee in Nelson is quite famous for the amazing coffee dishes that are found here and that too at affordable prices.

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7. Lambretta’s Cafe Bar

Delicious food on the table

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This place is pure joy for those who have a hard time finding places to serve decent pizza in Nelson. You get to enjoy drinks at the bar with some good party music, while you can choose from many dishes, most of which are international. If Nelson is on your list of destinations to visit this season, Lambretta’s Cafe Bar is a must visit.
Best dish in this cafe
Be it a brunch session or if you are visiting this cafe for lunch, you are sure to get a service that will inspire you for it. If you don’t miss a thing while visiting this café, it should be the “hash brown” of the place. However, be sure to keep your wallet warm as the dishes in this cafe may not fit your budget.

8. Sweet as Cafe

Cafe Products

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If you have sweet teeth, then this place is the right pick for you. There are a variety of bakery options that you get to choose from and take your taste buds on a delicious and sugary ride. Apart from such a sweet name, the service of this place is also worth noting and that is why this cafe is not to be missed while staying in Nelson.

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9. Suter Art Gallery Cafe

coffee cup

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If you want to taste the local cuisine of the region, this is where you need to go. Apart from the local cuisine, the gallery area of ​​this cafe exhibits various artwork which is definitely going to catch your attention when you are visiting this place. Located on Bridge Street, this cafe attracts a large section of tourists who visit the beautiful city of Nelson.

10. Red Art Gallery Cafe

Red Art Gallery Cafe in Nelson

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It is yet another perfect place for those who claim to have sucked themselves in for the breathtaking art and paintings displayed here. Apart from enjoying the delightful food, you can give your eyes a soothing experience while staying at this café in Nelson. If you are going to plan a trip to Nelson then the Red Art Gallery Cafe is also a must visit.

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The above list makes it clear that Nelson is no less than the cafes and restaurants that can be visited here. Don’t miss at least 10 of these cafes in Nelson if you plan to visit the city soon. Be sure to inquire about menu options and budget before heading to any of these locations.



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