Lebanon Heritage

10 Lebanon Heritage sites for best experience

10 Lebanon Heritage sites for best experience

Lebanon Heritage: Lebanon country is one of the oldest in the world, with a history that takes you years back. Lebanon stores a wealth of natural beauty. It flashes in the form of lush cedars, picturesque caves and waterfalls, sprawling green valley, mystical ancient ruins, majestic mountain vistas, and glamorous beaches.

Lebanon’s capital Beirut is often referred to as “Paris of the Middle East”. Lebanon is a more stunning holiday destination and offers its visitors a modern Arab experience. The vibrant nightlife, cultural traditions, mountainous ski resorts, and preserved heritage sites offer an unforgettable adventure to the tourist.


The Cedars

The Cedars are known as the pride and symbol of the Lebanese’s heritage. The cedars are a series of extensive forest located in the snowy mountains of Bcharre. These timbers are considered holy. This former World-Heritage Site offers good sightseeing especially bird watching. Surrounding the woodlands is the magnificent Qadusha Valley which provides opportunities for hiking and skiing. The college has installed modern tourist facilities including a deluxe intercontinental hotel as well as campsites.


Zaarour is famous for its breathtaking mountain views. In winter you can hit the slopes and enjoy the snow.


Tannourine: for the outdoor enthusiasts, Tannourine offers an excellent location for hiking, camping, picnicking and even more adventurous activities like rock climbing and of course the famous waterfall can’t be missed.

Our Lady of Lebanon-Harris

Our Lady of Lebanon-Harris: overlooking the city of Jounieh our Lady of Lebanon statue is one of the most visited touristic sites in Lebanon. Thousands of tourists of different religions make a trip to Harissa every year.

Saifi Village

Have a photo shoot at Saifi Village: walking into Saifi village make you forget you’re in Lebanon for a second. It’s filled with tons of boutiques shops, cafes and colorful, European style apartment building. Unfortunately, all the shops there close on Sundays.

Jeita Grotto

Jeita Grotto has made it into the wonders of the world list a couple of years back. The Jeita Grotto is a breathtaking cave covered in limestone that has formed over thousands of years. For a few dollars, you can travel through the natural river and sneak a couple of illegal photos.

How to save on accommodation in Lebanon

couch surfing is huge in Lebanon and easily the net way to see Lebanon through a local’s eyes while saving money. Not only will you save on accommodation if you find a host he will also help you to figure out day trips, cheap eats and more.

Need some alone time with your significant here are some romantic getaway. There is the best place based on room standards, culinary option, ambiance, and personal experiences. You can give a good treat to your beloved.

Byblos Sur Mer Hotel

Byblos Sur Mer Hotel: Anyone who’s been to Byblos knows how romantic and magical the port can be. The charming boutique hotel has a front sea view and is the ideal romantic getaway. The staffs are professional, the design is impeccable and their restaurants serve the most delicious food.

Cedar Campsite

Cedar campsite is for the couples who enjoy camping and outdoors activities. This campsite is your getaway other than the spectacular views and the magical atmosphere. Just imagine staying in that tent and watching the majestic nature unfold around you.

Lebanon Nightlife

Lebanon is world famous for its awesome nightlife. But if you’re bored of spending every weekend drinking and dancing to forget the problems, here are some suggestion to spice up your weekend. They are paragliding, paintballing, cliff diving, white-water2 rafting, skiing snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and waterskiing, ATV riding, scuba diving, Rock climbing, bungee jumping, flyboarding.

Lebanon truly offers something for everyone taste. Unfortunately, a lot of tourists miss out on some of the most interesting activities and unique sites.

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