10 Places Ideal For This Activity

10 Places Ideal For This Activity

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If you will see all your loved ones just sitting and drifting in the water, then it will not be any fun for you non-swimmer touring havelock. Even if you can’t swim, you can make your trip an adventure with something unique Water sports in havelock, Andaman is also exclusively suits non-swimmers. The only condition is that you should make sure to keep your heart strong so that you can experience as much fun in the water as a pro swimmer can.

Havelock Island has a troop of adventure water sports that will not require a degree in swimming, however, you must have the heart to fall into the sea with your life jacket and with the determination that you can do so. Don’t worry if you will be professional with you all the time to save you if you see that big fin coming towards you!

10 water sports in Havelock

So, here are some famous water sports in Havelock that you can try to give a wonderful experience during your island trip.

1. Banana Boat Ride

Banana boat ride

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Of all the adventure water sports in Havelock, Banana Boat Rides, Fabauli are fun and exciting things not to be missed at the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and Havelock Island. The boats are made of banana shape and are tied behind speed boats to achieve haste. Six people can ride such boats for unlimited recreation in water at a time.

To ensure your safety, you are given life jackets and hence experts are always sent on such trips to deal with any accident or unpleasant situation. So, don’t hold yourself back anymore. Experience a ride to jump on a banana boat ride to these two popular places in Andaman which will be unforgettable for you for a lifetime. This is the best kind of adventure in Havelock that you should not miss.

Water sports: Banana boat ride
Cost: INR 250 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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2. Scuba Diving

scuba diving

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Elephant Beach is a special place in Havelock Island with an abundance of scuba diving centers. You can also get your Professional Association of Diving Instructor (PADI) certificate from there immediately. Even if you do not know swimming, you will get such certificates to involve yourself in scuba diving water sports. But if you want to go to other difficult levels and experience open water activities, then you have to be a little skilled in swimming.

So, wait no more, those colorful corals and seductive waters await life in the water near Elephant Beach in Havelock Island. It is one of the best water sports in Havelock Island that makes your trip memorable. In addition, scuba diving at Havelock Island remains an excellent water sport for non-swimmers to enjoy.

Water sports: scuba diving
Cost: INR 3500 / – – INR 6500 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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3. undersea walkingA girl enjoying a walk in the Andaman between sea fishes

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Have you experienced walking before in your life? If not, then you should try to visit Elephant Beach to experience some aspects that are unique in all aspects. This is another wonderfully fun adventure water sports in Havelock Island. You do not need to handle any complicated equipment during such activities. You walk on the smooth and clean sand of the sea shore without a helmet which gives you a great view of the underwater world without any hassle.

Professionals are constantly available so this is a completely safe option. One of the best places for Sea Walk in Havelock, Elephant Beach is a place sought by every visitor. You can enjoy moments of unlimited fun and entertainment at this most popular place of Andaman.

Water sports: Undersea walking
Cost: INR 350 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends, Couples and Solo

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4. Snorkeling


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Experiencing snorkeling for the first time is a wonderful experience at Elephant Beach. If you have not tried snorkeling before, give it up and you will know what is missing in your life. When the colorful rocks of Havelock Island shine through your stars, you will know what it sounds like in the song “Octopus Garden”. Look at the marine life under water and see the smallest part of the coral while admiring one of the best water sports in Havelock Island. We guarantee that it will not disappoint you. Apart from Elephant Beach, North Bay and Jolliboy are other perfect locations for this water sports.

Water sports: Smelling
Cost: INR 600 / – INR 4000 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends, Couples and Solo

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5. Kayaking

2 people kayaking

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Kayaking is one of the best adventure water sports in Havelock Island. As the place is surrounded by streams and seawater, the place can be best explored by pedaling a kayak and sailing amidst solid forests and feeling untouched islands. Through kayaking, travelers can also view common rock formations. It is one of the best water sports in Havelock in the month of October for water children and the beach.

Water sports: Kayaking
Cost: INR 2400 / – per person
right moment: October
Ideal for: family and friends

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6. Sport fishing or angling

catching fish

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All water sports in Havelock Island do not require you to saturate. One of these is sport fishing, one of the most prevalent water sports in Havelock. Go on a fishing trip with your loved ones in one of the cheerful boats. Mostly, this journey starts after noon, after lunch. In addition, you can cook and eat the fish caught on your fishing trip. Anarkali Colony and Shyam Nagar are other places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands besides Havelock.

Water sports: Sport fishing or angling
Cost: INR 13,000 / –
Time: in the noon
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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7. Speed ​​Boating

People speed boating

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Want to live in water, but don’t want to get into it? Want to experience the adventure but still be protected? Speed ​​Sports is the game for you at the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Stay inside the safety of a speed boat as it walls through the water at an exciting speed. This Havelock is one of the most spectacular water sports in Andaman, which you cannot miss just by swimmers or otherwise. Now plan your trip to Havelock and enjoy a water ride to this popular place.

Water sports: Speed ​​boating
Cost: INR 2250 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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8. Glass Boating

Glass boat boat ride

Small boats with glass bottles are available in this area to be a sight of water as it roams the sea. A unique water sport in Havelock, it is very popular among locals and travelers. It is definitely an amazing experience and one of the finest sea sports in Havelock. When you are on Havelock Island with your loved ones, do not forget to do glass bottom boating.

Water sports: Glass boating
Location: Premier Industries, Dairy Farm Road, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Cost: INR 2250 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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9. Jet Skiing

jet skiing

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Of all the adventure water sports in Havelock Island, the jet ski ride in Andaman is definitely out! However, the game is appreciated only during good weather. During a storm, jet skis in Havelock Andaman can prove to be a dangerous task. Therefore, it is advisable to check the weather conditions before enjoying this water sports at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Andaman Islands.

Water sports: jet skiing
Cost: INR 600 / – per person
Ideal for: Friend and solo

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10. Parasitism


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Parasailing is one of the incredible water sports in Havelock Island that even non-swimmers can enjoy. It is a water sport that is a delightful blend of water and aerial adventure. In this famous water sport in Havelock, you will be tied behind a motorboat burned in a parachute. Therefore, you sail behind the boat like a kite as it falls into the sea. It is a great experience for a lifetime! And, you may also get a chance to dive in water while parasailing.

Water sports: Parasailing
Cost: INR 3000 / – INR 4000 / – per person
Ideal for: Family, Friends and Solos

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Enamoured? Do not wait again! Now plan your holiday in Andaman. Head there and you will have a great time enjoying the water sports at Havelock. Make sure you try these water sports during your vacation.

FAQs for water sports in Havelock

Q. How much does scuba diving cost in Havelock?

a. Scuba diving is between INR 3500 / – and 6500 / – in Havelock price according to the season. Scuba diving rates in Havelock vary according to the level of course selected by an individual.

Q. Is an underwater sea safe?

a. Qualified experienced coaches will accompany you during the underwater seawall, assuring your maximum safety. In addition, no knowledge of swimming or diving in an underwater seawock is required and you do not even need to remove your goggles.

Q. What is Havelock Island famous for?

a. Havelock Island offers one of the best beaches in Asia, popular for its swimming elephants and supreme reef. Check out the white sandy beaches of Fay Ngan before backpackers, full moon parties and internet cafes, and you have Havelock Island.

Q. Which beach is best for scuba diving in Andaman?

a. There are abundant beaches that are famous for scuba diving in Andaman and some of them include:
– Aquarium – a beginning paradise
– Mac Point – Swimming with dugong
– Lighthouse – Diving experience at night
– Barracuda City – Meet the Sea Turtles
– Temptation point – Experience the rock with the stone corals.

Q. What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

a. Snorkeling allows you to enjoy the astral world from the surface of the water and dive and hold your breath for a closer look. Scuba diving is a water sports activity that requires certification, good health and is more expensive than snorkeling. You do not need all these things while diving.

Q. How many days do you need for Havelock Island?

a. To fully explore the island you can stay here for at least two days on Havelock Island.

Q. How deep can a human dive?

a. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), most fun scuba divers only dive as deep as 130 feet or we can say 40 meters.

Q. How far is Havelock from Port Blair?

a. The distance between Port Blair and Havelock is 70 kilometers, and about 2.5 hours travel from the jetty. Jetty is available every day at 6:20 am and 2 pm.

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