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10 Underwater Hotels In The World In 2021 For A Stay With The Sharks

Bored of hotels facing the sea? What if we suggest you to stay inside the sea. Yes, it can be crazy but it is not untrue. Feel the thrill of being with beautiful fish and cherish the underwater world. Take a glimpse of these 10 amazing Underwater hotels in the world That can live up to your dreams These hotels provide the perfect opportunity to climb on top of the underwater world. For those wanting an offbeat experience, add it to your kitty!

Top 10 Underwater Hotels in the World

If you want to experience an outside world then Underwater hotels can be the perfect option. Imagine being comfortable in your room and seeing colorful, vibrant underwater life right outside the window. Take a look at this list of all living from Most expensive underwater hotel By Cheapest Underwater Hotel, Will help you choose the best one according to your pocket!

  • Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden – Where Fun and Thrill Come Together
  • Konrad, Maldives, Rangali Islands – Diving and food are fun here
  • Per Aquium Rules, Maldives – Your dream of dancing with the waves
  • Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai – Experience Marine Magic here
  • Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida – Incredible undersea magic
  • The Thorn Resort, Zanzibar – For a crystal blue holiday
  • Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji – Ancient Blue and Marine Friends
  • Lovers deep, caribbean – Soak in Deep Blue Blue Romance
  • Water Discus Hotel, Dubai – the future is here
  • Shimo Wonderland Intercontinental, China – Eco friendly stay

1. Utter Inn Hotel, Sweden – where fun and adventure come together

Red house on the water

image Source
On Lake Malaran, near Stockholm, the Utter Inn is Sweden’s only underwater hotel. Not spectacular like the others, but the Utter Inn is a weekend destination for complete excitement underwater. It is one of the most luxurious underwater hotels in Europe.

What is special: Swimming, fishing and sunbathing
Charges: INR 37,000 per night
Website | review

2. Conrad, Maldives, Rangali Islands – Diving and food is a pleasure here

Beautiful dining in the sea at the underwater hotel in Maldives

image Source
The word Bhoga is the term when one thinks of a holiday at an underwater hotel in Conrad’s Rangali Island, Maldives. Exceptional hospitality, supreme luxury and top-notch facilities contribute together to provide the hotel a peaceful, delightful and complete enjoyment. And this is what makes it the most amazing Underwater hotels in the world. When planning a Maldives honeymoon, especially consider this underwater hotel to add that touch of vibes!

What is special: Enjoy boat facilities, thrilling water sports and fun activities at the dive center
Suggested Suits: The premium resort of the Underwater Hotel in Maldives does not have an underwater suite / room, but the world’s first all-glass underwater restaurant, known as “Itahar”.
Charges: INR 38,000 per night
Website | review

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3. Per Aquium Niyama, Maldives – Your dream of dancing with the waves

Bar in a terrible underwater hotel in Maldives

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Surfing the waves is quite prevalent but no one would have tried to dance there. Isn’t that cool and amusing enough? SubSix is ​​the first underwater nightclub of Niyama Resorts that you will not find in any of the Maldives underwater hotels or Maldives underwater villas. Don’t have a party freak? Then rejuvenate yourself in an exotic lime spa with eight underwater rooms and two special rooms.

What is special: Lime Spa, water sports like scuba and cruising in the Indian Ocean
Suggested Suits: Niyama Resort does not have underwater rooms / suites. The subscribe called Nightclub is located under water.
Charges: INR 68,000 per night
Website | review

4. Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai – Experience Marine Magic here

The most beautiful underwater hotel in Dubai

image Source
Your dream has come true, the holiday is just round the corner. Explore one of the most beautiful and stylish Underwater hotels in the world, In Atlantis which is one of the best hotels in Dubai. It will be livable in a suite, allowing for a crystal clear view of the transparent blue waters of Ambassador Lagoon and myriad water buddies.

What is special: Swim with the dolphins in Dolphin Bay, enjoy Adventure Park, and ride the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Sea Lion Point, Aquarium Dives, Boats and Helicopters among the most favorite underwater hotels in Dubai.

Suggested Suits: Poseidon and Neptune
Charges: INR 74,000 per night
Website | Review | Atlantis Palm Hotel Dubai

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5. Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida – Unbelievable Undersea Magic

Adventure underwater hotel in usa

image Source
Away from the continental shelf off the coast of Puerto Rico, Jules Underseas Lodge is a well-known and thrilling underwater abode in Florida. This underwater hotel in the US is located far from the Keir Largo undersea park and offers 22 underwater rooms, bars, spas, libraries, conference rooms and wedding chapels.

What is special: Scuba, diving, fishing and swimming in the most daring underwater hotel in the United States
Suggested Suits: Underwater Luxury Suites
Charges: INR 75,000 per night
Website | review

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6. The Thorn Resort, Zanzibar – For a Crystal Blue Holiday

It is one of the clear blue underwater hotels in the world

image Source
Manta Resort in Pemba Island, Zanzibar offers an exclusive and premium underwater suite. It is located on a private floating island accessible by a boat from the mainland. There is complete luxury of sunbathing on the top deck, dining on the water deck and sleeping a few meters below the surface in the marine surroundings.

What is special: Diving, boating and sunbathing
Suggested Suits: Underwater room
Charges: INR 97,000 per night
Website | review

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7. Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji – Ancient Blue and Marine Friends

Australian Underwater Hotel

image Source
Poseidon, an extraordinary resort situated 40 feet under the sea. It includes luxury underwater suites, restaurants, bars, gyms, and wedding venues. A holiday here ensures solitude, enjoyment and ultimate relaxation.

What is special: Diving, sunbathing and scuba
Suggested Suits: Underwater with triton submarines
Charges: INR 1,50,000 per night
Website | review

8. Boyfriend Deep, Caribbean – Soak in dark blue romance

A Luxury Suite in Lovers Deep - An Underwater Hotel in the Caribbean

image Source

One of the world’s largest underwater hotels, Lovers Deep is located on the Caribbean coast. It is considered a supreme romantic destination for lovebirds. Honeymoon people, it is the most exotic underwater hotel in the world. If you’ve got dirty bucks, make a booking now.

What is special: Boating, Diving & Night Clubing
Charges: INR 1,90,16,500 (£ 175,000) per night

9. Water Discus Hotel, Dubai – The Future Is Here

Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Picture courtesy: Reflecthouse
The Water Discus Hotel in Dubai is an under construction project by Deep Ocean Technology and is one of the counterparts of mobile homes that are well in trend nowadays. To be one of Best underwater hotel in the world, This housing has been built and constructed in Poland, imported into Dubai, and then sunk at the desired location! The hotel has two major disks – one above the water level and one below the 21 rooms, between corals and sea creatures. It is one of the most attractive places to visit in Dubai based on the future of architectural design.

What is special: Choose your room as you like – whether it is deep under the sea or above the water. As the parking space is less, the hotel will be home to a helipad.
Charges: Still to be out

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10. Shimo Wonderland Intercontinental, China – Eco Friendly Stay

Shimo Wonderland Intercontinental, China

image Source
The finest 5-star underwater accommodation, Shimo Wonderland Intercontinental in China is definitely one Best underwater hotel in the world. The hotel is the first property built inside an underground, abandoned waterlogged mine. The hotel boasts a total of two underground floors and a spacious green roof making it one of the most environmentally friendly places in China. There is a glass waterfall atrium which is actually a view of all the balconies above 14 above sea level.

What is special: Surrounding views including rock climbing, surrounding hills, underwater restaurants in China, swimming pools, rooftop gardens
Charges: INR 2,19,867 per night
Website | review

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Do not wait for a chance to visit these awesome underwater hotels of the world. Just pack your bags and dive into the ocean of adventure and romance. All the underwater hotels in the world are in the midst of grandeur and extravagant veneers from every corner. When planning an international trip and have a few extra bucks to spend, consider spending them on a once in a lifetime experience!

Frequently Asked Questions About Underwater Hotels in the World

Q. Which is the world’s first underwater hotel?

a. The Zen Resort of Kurdivaru Maldives is the first underwater hotel in the world.

Q. Which is the most expensive underwater hotel in the world?

a. Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji is the world’s most expensive underwater hotel.

Q. How deep is Jules undersea lodge?

a. The Jules Underseas Lodge is 30 feet deep at sea level and guests have to scuba dive to get to their rooms.

Q. Are there any underwater hotels in the United States?

a. The Jules Undersea Lodge is an American hotel based in Florida and the only underwater hotel in the United States.

Q. Are overwater bungalows safe?

a. Yes. The underwater hotels are absolutely safe and provide excellent accommodation with all the necessary facilities. All underwater hotels come with additional emergency resources that make it even safer.

Q. Are underwater hotels worth it?

a. Yes! If you are looking for relaxation and privacy with the most unique experience and amazing view, then an underwater hotel is the ultimate holiday. On top with all the necessary amenities required for world class luxury and a comfortable stay, an underwater hotel stay is totally worth it.



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