15 Highlights To Include In The Itinerary

15 Highlights To Include In The Itinerary

Austria, the country where Mozart was born, is as musical as your imaginations. An Austrian honeymoon is like a dream come true. Baroque style palaces reflect the grandeur and history of ancient times. The zig-zag alpine roads will delight you with views of the grasslands and snow-capped Alps. The culture, especially the waltz performances will leave you stunned and a little jealous of the people who live here.

Wine, drives, and buzzing nightlife, incredible everything will follow once you’re on your Honeymoon in austria. To make sure you don’t miss anything in your trip, here is a list of attractions that you should include in your itinerary when you come here with your important place.

Romantic places to see in austria

1. Innsbruck – attractive with its individual buildings

View of innsbruck

One of Austria’s most iconic destinations, Innsbruck will make you fall in love with its brightly colored eddies, which stand right in front of the snow-clad Alps. Both of you visit this haven on your Austrian honeymoon. A quiet ride on one horse carriage, Stress free Thermo Spa, Or spend the night away Pub hopping; Innsbruck never ceases to amaze.

Flowers in Innsbruck

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2. Salzburg – music lovers’ resort

Salzburg in the evening

Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg, is a music-lover’s paradise and certainly one of the most romantic venues in Austria. You go to meet Mozart’s house, And take Sound of music tour. This is not where it ends, Baroque architecture will convince you to extend your stay a little more.

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3. Vienna – known as the city of love

Horse carriage in Vienna

Showing Austrian grandeur through its impressive palaces and art museums, Vienna is well qualified to be the country’s capital. Vienna’s name is City of music, As it has served as a resident of famous composers such as Beethoven and Mozart. Today, the musical essence is still intact; An echo of the landscape meal And Drinking A memorable Austrian honeymoon adds more edge to it.

Vienna Landscape

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4. Feldkirch – Located at the western end of Austria


On their honeymoon in Austria, Feldkirch must visit for a number of reasons. The medieval city has its history dating back to 13th century, And just walking through the cobbled pavement will take you to an early age. Feldkirch provides an easy access to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, as it lies Western part of Austria On the convergence of the three valleys.

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5. Hallstatt – Slightly populated, enchanting on a large scale


Hallstatt is a small town with just 1000 inhabitants. Ancient salt mine A major attraction of the city. Lake Hallstatt however steals the show with alpine houses dating back to the 16th century, and features stalls and cafes on the shore. Walking street in hand on a lovely evening will make your Austrian honeymoon more memorable.

    Town Square in the hallway

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6. Mostaviral – Mounting the Vardanta hills and snow-capped peaks


The lush hills panorama make up Mostviertel to travel on their honeymoon in Austria, merging with the sky-covered peaks kissing the sky in a romantic hideout. Increasing the attraction is historical Monuments And beautiful The museum. This is an excited place to produce the best Apple cider.

Cycling couple in Mostviertel

image Source

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7. Bad Gastin – Historic City with Famous Hot Spring

Bad gustin

a Spa town From the end of the 19th century, Bad Gustin is bestowed with some spectacular hot springs – Felsenme, Is the most popular one. Royalty loved the city believing that it had many medical powers in its waters. And so, the city was designed in the Belle Epoque architectural style to please the king and queen. Even today, the historical feature remains unaffected and pleases the love birds on their honeymoon in Austria.

Cable car in bad gustin

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8. Krems – snatched near the confluence of a river


Located at the confluence of Danube River And Karmaj River, The city was first mentioned in literature in 996. In fact, according to archaeological discoveries, Karmaz is inhabited even a thousand years ago. Visit Cremez on your honeymoon in Austria, and fix the sample Wine And dear Apricot Brandy Before you start the search!

The interior of a church in Cremez

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9. Melak – An ancient riverbank town

Landscape in Melk

Melk, on the edge of the Danube Stream, is in the spotlight with an 11th-century monastery, Melk Abbey which sits on a bluff. This riverbank city will astound you with the precision of the ornamentation of its architecture and grand décor. A romantic walk through Old Town Melk Will take both through historical sites like you Home for itinerants That date dates to the 17th century.


10. Linz – Became a township from 2000 BCE

Lienz in Austria

Called a lienz Settlements since 2000 BC, bronze Age. Fascinated streets look like shiny buildings, lively with stones Fountains, And huge snowflake corridors on the background. You can visit the city if you want Horse Or enjoy the landscape from one HelicopterEverything here creates a romantic setting for your Austrian honeymoon.

Near indigenous lienz

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Romantic things to do in austria

11. Attend Ice and Music Festival at Mayfrofen

Music and Ski Festival in Austria

image Source

Snowbombing was formed by combining two exciting things – Skiing And music. This concert at the ski resort has seen performances by well-known artists such as Skrillex And Magnetic man. The festival is held every year April, And is the largest snow concert in Europe.

Snow boarding in australia

image Source

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12. Drive through Grossglockner

Grosslocker in Austria

One of Austria’s most scenic alpine roads is Grossglückner. Looking at the green pastures Waterfalls, And snow-capped mountains as you both pass through winding roads. in despite of Highest mountain pass In Austria, the road is Safe Even for bikes and bicycles. During the drive, you will come across wonders such as Hohe Tauern National Park and the highest peak in the country.

    Scene of Grosslocker

13. Sip some of the best Austrian wines

South stylia

By now you know that an Austrian honeymoon is going to be about history, nature and art prominently. But how about we pour some wine on our glass too? Yes, Austria’s predecessor and with it turns more luxuriant Riesling Wine, And Sauvignon Blanc. Go there South Styria or Lower Austria For the best wine experience in the country.

Wine couple

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14. Austria, Sheffberg’s most steep train ride

St. Wolfgang in Austria

There is a contrasting red cogwheel rail with stunning blue skies and green pastures that travel to the top of ScheffbergLocated at an elevation of 5,850 feet above sea level. The train pulls itself to this height, making it the toughest railway journey in Austria. A sightseeing will add charm to your Austrian honeymoon.

Railway in austria

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15. Become a part of the grand Johann Strauss Ball

John strauss ball

image Source

Johann Strauss Ball is where you will witness Best of waltz, And Austrian food and wine. Is a gala dinner, Workshops, And the opening The ceremony To keep you captivated.

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    Kurschlon Habner in Austria

image Source

When to go to austria

    A couple in austria

Austrian honeymoon is the best time April to October, If you are looking forward Organisation And Festivals. For Snow And Ski Lovers, November to April The ideal time for a honeymoon in Austria. However, it is a one-year destination, meaning that you can plan a honeymoon in Austria anytime of the year.

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So, it’s time to sort things out and book yourself a customizable Europe honeymoon package to experience the best of Austria with that special someone!

Frequently Asked Questions about Austrian Honeymoon

Q. Is Austria good for honeymoon?

a. Austria offers a distinctly European holiday experience, with the most breathtaking views, amazing food, world-class hotels and resorts, and the most romantic settings, making it an instant favorite for newlyweds.

Q. What is Austria known for?

a. Apart from very famous cultural events, royal sights, coffee houses, cozy wine inns, and very special Viennese attractions, Austria is also famous for its palaces, palaces and buildings.

Q. Are there any beaches in Austria?

a. Yes. Although not much talk, you can find many beaches at the foot of the Austrian Alps.

Q. Which are the most romantic lakes in Austria?

a. Some of Austria’s most amazing lakes where you can spend some romantic moments:
1. Lake Achense
2. See Hallstetter
3. Moncedi
4. Trouncy
5. Plassey

Q. Which are the most beautiful places in Austria?

a. Some amazing places to visit in Austria are:
1. Vienna
2. Hallstadt
3. Salzburg
4. Innsbruck
5. Mostviertel

Q. Is it safe to swim in Austrian lakes?

a. Yes. It is completely safe to take a dip in most Austrian lakes. However, before you jump into the lakes, make sure that you are fully aware of the depth and the surroundings of the lake because things may not always be what they look like.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Austria?

a. The best time of year to visit Austria is during spring, between April – May, and in the fall, between September and October. During this time, the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, and you will find very few crowds. The high tourist season between June – August sees excellent weather and sunny days.

Q. What are the best nightlife locations in Austria?

a. Party all night at these most happening places where you can enjoy the Austrian nightlife to the fullest:
1. Vienna
2. Salzburg
3. Innsbruck
4. Linz

Q. How is the climate in Austria?

a. Austria is located within a temperate climate zone. In the west and northwest, the effect of the temperate Atlantic climate is felt more strongly, the influence of the continental climate in the east. The temperature depends largely on the altitude, with an average of 5 ° C less for each additional 300 meters of elevation.



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