4 Best Homestays In Rameshwaram For A Unique Staycation

4 Best Homestays In Rameshwaram For A Unique Staycation

You must have heard about Rameswaram. It is one of the holy places in India where pilgrims of every age group reach to pray to Lord Shiva. Although this place is not only famous for temples, but it is also mesmerizing in grand form. Rameswaram is the last point of India before Sri Lanka, and the approach of the Pamban channel separates the two countries which is a beauty to behold. If you are planning a budget-friendly trip with you or your family, you will get many Shelter in Rameswaram Are surprisingly inexpensive and provide good service.

4 Householder in Rameswaram

The following homestays located around Rameswaram are not only cheap, but they also provide superb service. In a small budget, you will be able to explore the entire city.

1. Ram Palace

Hotel in Rameswaram

Situated at a distance of 168 km from Madurai Airport, this homestay is beautifully constructed. If you are on a pilgrimage to Rameswaram temple with four beds and double bedrooms, this homestay is perfect for you. Located within minutes from the holy temple, this site is affordable and comfortable. Shelter in Rameswaram That you can buy at a lower rate. During your stay in this bungalow you will be able to seek domestic help, and each room will also be connected to an attached bathroom. All rooms are air-conditioned, and guests can take advantage of the laundry service. You will also be able to take advantage of free Wi-Fi.

Highlight: Located in the center of the city, this homestead may be wary of glitz and glamor, but it offers pilgrims a comfortable and cheap stay at the temple from their room-windows.
place: Pathirakaliman Koil Road, Near Dhanalakshmi Bank, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 623526.
Price: INR 999 and more.

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2. Nap Nest Rameswaram

Luxury Homestay in Rameswaram

Situated in the center of Rameswaram, this homestay gives its guests easy access to the nearest tourist attractions and holy temples. Whether you are going to Rameshwar for business or pilgrimage, this bed and breakfast will take good care of you at an amazingly low price. You will be able to reach that place easily, as it is located near the bus stand and railway station. You will be able to use air conditioning and cable TV in your room. Each room is connected to an attached bathroom with a hot water supply. Every room in the homestay has a desk, and this space allows its guests to use a free Wi-Fi connection.

Highlight: With a free parking facility and breakfast every morning, it is one of the best homes in Rameswaram, which one can afford at a budget-friendly rate.
Price: INR 1680 and above.

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3. Silver Sands Beach Cottage

Silver Sand Beach Cottage

The property is located 7 km from Rameshwar Temple. It is located in the city of Mandapam which offers spectacular views of the sea from every corner of the property. If you want to spend some time away from the chaos of city life, then this guest house is for you. The homeowner gives his guests full access to the property, but cooks them delicious food and extra-ordinary fish dishes. There are desks in every room of the property that can accommodate laptops and offer products related to every beach. You will find blankets, snorkeling gear, umbrellas, and many more that will help you enjoy beach life.

Highlight: Situated amidst the beautiful coastline of Rameswaram, it is one of the most Famous householder Rameswaram Tamil Nadu This will keep you fresh out of exotic food and sea fishes.
place: No. 240/8, North Beach, Mandapam, Tamil Nadu 623518.
Price: INR 2,200.

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4. Blue Coral Cottage

Cottages in Rameswaram

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Rameshwar, this hut helps you connect with the natural beauty of the site. You will be able to reach that place easily after being located at a distance of 2.8 km from the bus stand. The Arulmigu Ramanathaswamy Temple is located 750 meters from the hut, and hence you will often see it.

Highlight: Nestled among the flora and fauna of Rameswaram, this cozy little hut is magnificent due to its splendor and beautiful design.
place: 20 / 43A, Agastyarth Theertham Street, Near Agnitirtham Sehore, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu 423524.
Price: INR 1029 and above.

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Each property mentioned above in the blog is for those who are eager to visit and visit the holy temple of Rameswaram. Each of them is modest and offers excellent hospitality and is one of the best houses in Rameswaram.

Frequently asked questions about homestays in Rameswaram

Q. What is the average cost of spending a night in a house in Rameswaram?

a. You will get rooms priced from INR 650 to INR 1500.

Q. What houses are near Rameswaram temple?

a. You will find many temples in Rameswaram which are near the temple, including MJ Mahal, KSR Hall and many more.

Q. Which houses are near Rameswaram railway station?

a. KNP Nest, KSR Hall, and many more.

Q. Rameswaram has some of the cheapest houses?

a. AAA Cottage, Blue Cottage, and many more.

Q. What is the right time to visit Rameswaram?

a. Any time between October and April is perfect for visiting Rameswaram. Please avoid the monsoon season.

Q. Which God resides in the temple of Rameswaram?

a. The famous Hindu deity Lord Shiva.

Q. If you are not wearing a saree, can you enter the temple?

a. No, you have to live in a sari to go to the Rameswaram temple.

Q. How long should you keep in hand before going to the temple?

a. Keep a minimum time of one and a half hours before going to Rameswaram temple.

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