5 Things You Must Do in Salvador, Brazil

Salvador – Oldest City of Brazil

Salvador was established by Tome de Souza, 1st governor-general, in 1549 as the capital city of the Portuguese colony of Brazil.  It is said to be one of the oldest cities in the country.  Salvador is also known as Sao Salvador or Bahia.  Being the third largest city of the country, Salvador is placed towards the southern area of a scenic bluff-form peninsula.

It separates Todos os Santos – All Saints Bay, which is a profound natural harbor from the Atlantic Ocean.  Being the third largest city, Salvador in Bahia is considered to comprise of an assortment of small seaside towns together with villages. Salvador is considered to be the coastal gem of Brazil. This country is said to be home to the happy, friendly Baiano culture with a combination of amazing beaches and interesting architecture.  Each beach has its own charm and beauty to entice the tourist.

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Salvador, The First Colonial Cities – Americas/Biggest Slave Trade Centre of Portugal

Tourists can experience the serenity in its natural surroundings.  They can take back beautiful memories to cherish the moments of their stay at this amazing destination.Salvador is one of the first colonial cities in the Americas and one of the biggest slave trade centres of Portugal.  The city still tends to instil the African culture.  High above the city towards the west area is the Old Town – Pelourinho, which is a great attraction for the tourists.

One cannot miss going to Salvador on the Bahia’s coast without exploring the old city of interesting colonial buildings, cobblestoned streets.  You will get glimpses of history bundled around the Largo de Pelourinho known as Praca Jose de Alencar.

Multi-Faceted Religious/Cultural Life in Salvador

Salvador is divided into two levels towards the west end of the city. It is divided with the Old Town or Pelourinho placed 100 m above the harbour. The Elevador Lacerda, is the first lift of Brazil towards the top to Ladiera da Praca, one of the several colonial squares of the Old Town.  Palacio Rio Branco – History Museum is located on one side where the scene to the sea is amazing.

The Old Town is said to be the cobbled colonial high spot of Salvador.The Portuguese had engaged African slaves to construct huge cathedrals mansions and churches. African culture mingled with Bahian over a period of time creating a multi-faceted religious and cultural life.  Some of the interesting places to explore in Salvador are:

The Salvador Attraction Pelourinho

The Pelourinho is said to be one of the most interesting tourist attraction.The buildings here which have been beautifully maintained have lovely shopping cultural centres, together with amazing restaurants, bars and live music. Pelourinho had been listed by UNESCO in 1985 as a World Heritage site. It has been a source of inspiration for the musicians of Brazil such as Caetano Veloso together with the international stars like Paul Simon and Michael Jackson.  One should also visit the Olodum rehearsal.

The Olodum band right from the 70’s is a traditional Afro-Brazilian group.  It is well-known for its annual Carnival Bloco. Shows and rehearsals are hosted by the group all through the year and Afro-Brazilian music lovers canhave a great moment of enjoyment during their trip. One will come across various bars and restaurants in Pelourinho and the nightlife is very active in Salvador.

Cruzeiro de São Francisco

Forming a significant architectural and historical complex of Salvador is the Largo do Cruzeiro borderingthe Terreiro de Jesus.  In the Historic Center of Salvador a cross had been erected in front of the Church of San Francisco.  This is said to be a characteristic section of the metropolitan contribution of the Franciscans.

Salvador Cuisine – Combination of Brazilian & African

The local cuisine here is a combination of Brazilian and African.  The dishes are spattered with great amount of ginger, hot peppers, coconuts, spices, and shrimp together with favourable dende oil which is extracted from palms.  First timers need to be cautious with dende till they tend to get used to its flavour. The locals of  are easy-going, relaxed and fun loving people.  They tend to share their dancing and music skills with the tourists.  Some are also friendly to certain extent and tourists are welcomed by the majority of people of Salvador.

Great Development – Public Transport

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Being one of twelve host cities of Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, It has recently undergone tremendous changes.  This has brought about the development of pedestrian-only promenades in Barra together with the structure of useful Metro line. Public transportation has been improved due to the arrival of tourists with user-friendly and economical shuttle between the city and the airport.

Main Attraction – Carnival of Salvador

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The main attraction is the carnival which is considered to be one of the leading in the world as per the Guiness book of records.  It is said to last for a week and is well-known among the Brazilians and the tourists.  One has the choice of participating by purchasing an `abada’ shirt to join a group accompanying one of the banks all through the parade or could observe from the camarote boxes. All through the Carnival one can get involved with plenty of fun and frolic during their stay in Salvador.

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