6 Places To Go On A Shopping Spree In 2021!

6 Places To Go On A Shopping Spree In 2021!

Located in southern Italy, the port city of Bari is the capital of the Puglia region in southern Italy. Bari is adorned with a labyrinth-like old city, situated between two harbors. Bari attracts a large number of visitors as the city is covered by a large number of narrow streets and the Basilica de San Nicola, an 11th-century structure also an important site of pilgrimage that houses the remains of St. Nicholas. Some of Bari’s other attractions include several important buildings dating back to and adorned with 19th-century architecture, a beautiful resort, and a bustling pedestrian shopping area with a wide range of options available. Bari Italy Shopping.

Top 6 places to shop in Bari

Bari has a wide choice of shopping for every type of traveler and ranges from street shopping to high-end brands. Here are some Bari Shopping Outlets For Passengers:

  • Fashion Center of Puglia
  • Via Spanano
  • Via Napoli Market
  • Corso Cavour and Via Manzoni
  • Barrymax shopping village
  • Centro Commercial Mongolia Santa Catarina

1. Fashion Center of Puglia

Fashion Center of Puglia

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Located in central Bari and close to the railway station, Punglia’s fashion center is one of the best Shopping Mall in Bari Where shopkeepers close shop. The shopping area has a wide range of retail outlets, such as designer shopping boutiques and shopping centers.

The Fashion Center is home to some of the top brands and designer boutiques such as Gucci, Emporio Armani, Luis Vuitton, Hermes, Red Valentino, Prada, Trussardi and a wide array of other international designer brands.

The Fashion Center has a wide range of multi-brand retail outlets that carry products from some of the top international designers such as Cartier, Balanciaga, Emilio Pakki, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, etc., if you want to indulge. Bari, the best shopping in Italy, then the head of the fashion center of Puglia.

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2. Via Spannano

Via Spanano

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Via Sparano is one of the most famous shopping streets and some of the best places for it Shopping in turn. Via Sparano is the most accessible by foot. The street has a wide range of shops, shops and boutiques on either side of the streets, and offers every type of shopper something within their price range. Budget shoppers can shop and Zara and many other brands that offer products at a much higher economic price can shoot at luxury shoppers Hermes boutiques and other high-end European brand stores.

Via Sparano can be very crowded in mid-July and early August, which is the seasonal selling time, with most brands offering huge discounts on their products. Travelers and shoppers can shop for apparel, cosmetics, accessories, shoes, perfumes as well as some regional souvenirs such as olive oil and regional wine.

place: Via Spereano By Turn, 70121 Bari
Time: 10 AM – 8 PM

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3. Via Napoli Market

Via Napoli Market

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Every Monday morning, a flea market is held in Via Napoli. Shopping in turn. Tourists and buyers can purchase a variety of second-hand or used clothing, craft items and handicrafts, textiles, etc. This market can be very congested and cluttered, but at the same time the best place to experience authentic Bari culture and shopping. With its temporary shops and stalls, a wide range of street food, local artists and entertainment etc., Via Napoli market is one of the best places for travelers and tourists. Shopping in turn.

place: Via Napoli, Bari
Time: Monday mornings

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4. Corso Cavour and Via Manzoni

Corso Cavour and Via Manzoni

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Corso is a popular shopping district in Bari via Cavour and Manzoni, where retail shops and outlets are adorned with narrow streets and roadsides. Corso Cavour is a long and beautiful road leading to water. The roads through Corso Cavour and Manzoni are adorned with many options for roads Shopping in turn Which includes fashion stores and outlets, beautiful coffee shops and cafes and restaurants where people can enjoy some retail therapy and drink coffee or have a bite after that.

place: Via Allesandro Manzoni
Time: 10 AM – 9 PM

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5. Barrymax Shopping Village

Barrymax shopping village

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Barimax Shopping Village, located in Viale Francesco De Blasio and one of the best for Apparels, footwear, and accessories, electronics, home and leisure items, in Barimax Shopping Village inhabited by brands such as Voda Moda, Euronics, OVS, Tata is. Italia, Takoko, Prenatal, senso Unico, Spicio, Happicasa, Poltronosao, Mercatone Uno. Shoppers at Max’s Cafe can enjoy some of the best Italian cuisine or shop for groceries at Super Carney.

place: Viale Francesco de Blasio, 70132 Bari BA, Italy
Time: 9 am – 9 pm

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6. Centro Commercial Mongolia Santa Catarina

Centro Commercial Mongolia Santa Catarina

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Centro Commercial Mongolia is located on Santa Catarina Via Santa Catarina and one of the best Shopping Mall in Bari And is known for housing some of the best brands in clothing, personal care, shoes and accessories, electronics, home and leisure etc.

Shoppers can shop brands such as Cop, Bucidamella, Chamomilla, Clayton, Foot Locker, Game Stop, Hermitage, Maradesidari, OkiD, Original Marine, Tehis and many more in Centro Commercial Mongolia.

Centro Commercial Mongolia Santa Catarina is highly accessible, provides ample parking facilities and offers travelers and shoppers some of the best shopping experiences in turn.

place: Mongolfiera Santa Catarina, Str. Santa Catarina, 19, 70124 Bari BA, Italy
Time: 9 am – 9 pm

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Bari offers locals and tourists a wide range of options from high-end designer brands to traditional street shopping. Shopkeepers can purchase a variety of designer clothes, apparel, shoes, accessories, along with local and traditional textiles, handicrafts, etc. Bari is offered to every kind of shopper, with its wide choice for the best shopping in Bari Italy. Plan a trip to Italy and it is best to turn up on your vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bari Shopping

Q. What is Bari Italy famous for?

a. Bari in Italy is famous for its theaters, churches and shopping. One of the best theaters to visit in Bari is the Petruzeli Theater and for shopping in Bari you should explore Via Napoli Market.

Q. What is the meaning of the name Bari?

a. In Arabic language the word Bari is related to God or Allah and thus means ‘Allah’ or ‘Creator’.

Q. Is Bari an airport in Italy?

a. Yes, Bari has an international airport, known as Bari Karol Wojtyla Airport.

Q. Where can you go for shopping in Bari?

a. Shopping in Bari is a unique experience and when you are in Bari you can discover the outlets of these famous shopping areas. The Fashion Center of Puglia, Via Sparano, Via Napoli Market, Corso Cavour and Via Manzoni, Barimax Shopping Village and Centro Commercial Mongolfiera Santa Catarina are some of the popular places you can’t miss.

Q. What food is Bari known for?

a. Known as a port city, Bari is famous for its olive oil, garlic, fresh vegetables, brinjals, broad beans, chickpeas, celery, fennel and chicory.

Q. Which language is spoken in Bari Italy?

a. Bari dialect, commonly known as dialeto barrage, is the official language spoken in Bari, Italy.

Q. Does Bari have a beach?

a. Yes. Bari has several beaches which are known for their uniqueness. Pani e Pomodoro Beach, Mola di Bari Beach, Lido San Francesco and Lungomare Imperore Augusto are some of the popular beaches in Bari.

Q. What is the best time of year to come to Bari?

a. The best time of year to visit Bari is in the months of May and June.

Q. There is a train from Bari to Rome?

a. Yes. The train fare from Bari to Rome is around € 10.90 (INR 872.96) and the fastest train takes 3 hours 41 minutes to reach Rome from Bali.

Q. What are the top things to do in Bari Italy?

a. Bari are the top things to do in Italy.

1. Explore the Basilica of San Nicola
2. Bari Vekia and Murat
3. Praise the Bari Cathedral Crypt
4. Try Oyster, Sea urchins and Octopus
5. Go Shopping
6. Enjoy a proper Apulian meal
7. Visit Bari Castle aka Castello Normano-Svevo
8. Explore the Cathedral aka Bari Cathedral alias of San Sabino

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