7 Homestays In Chakrata For A Thrilling Vacation In The Hills

7 Homestays In Chakrata For A Thrilling Vacation In The Hills

If you are planning to escape the hideous fog of city life, the Chakrata’s sun-kissed hills are not the place to be. Located at an elevation of 2118 meters, Chakrata is a beautiful hill station in the secluded hill town of Dehradun. The sheer beauty and nature call of the place tickles everyone – backpackers, honeymooners and even solo travelers looking for a recluse. Chakrata offers something for everyone. From trekking, mountain climbing, village walks to camping in the jungle, Chakrata also offers unmatched adventures to all! But before you take your bag out, check them out Householder in Chakrata To make your trip worth remembering.

7 Best Householders in Chakrata, Uttarakhand

When looking for a homestay, a lot of options can be found. Since Chakrata is a state-of-the-art tourist destination, there is no dearth of houses of any kind. But to make your search a little smoother, here are some dizzying dizzying houses you can see.

1. UD’s Cafe and Homestay

Living room

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The level of comfort dominates the idea of ​​the best homestays in Chakrata, which is the primary reason why people choose homestays rather than hotels. This special place fills that bill. If you are looking for a chance to connect with local people, visit UD’s. The accommodation is super comfortable, giving you the perfect mountain holiday experience.

By staying at this place you can enjoy being your accommodation in the lap of the mountains. Enjoy a good homemade meal prepared by the host, or take your time to make something special yourself. The rooms are big enough to keep you warm and happy. Enjoy in the lap of nature, and don’t worry about the tariff because it’s not going to punch a big hole in your pocket.

place: 858 (150) Nehru Marg
Face value: 1000 rupees

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2. Doon Boys Paying

Room trip for boys

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As the name suggests, this is a place where you can crash if you are on an all boys trip. The place is situated in a prominent place in Dehradun and is known for its element of customer enjoyment. Traveling at this place is not a problem, as there are many means of communication available. Its prime location makes it easy for one to walk down and become a part of local life. The best thing about this place is food.

Being located in the center of the city, one can have the option of tasting several dishes from the various available options. Renowned as one of the amazing homes in Chakrata, the place boasts of a team of well-qualified staff. The facility’s staff members are accommodating and courteous and will thus make your stay enjoyable.

place: 167 / C Khurbura, Dehradun.
Face value: Rs 1200

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3. KK Residency

Beautifully decorated room

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Another super comfortable and chakrata is one of the best homestays in Uttarakhand. The location is near the bus stand, which makes commuting easy. The host will give you a chance to borrow a bicycle, which can make your trip even more comfortable around the place. Talking about complete rest and sheer happiness, this place is at the top.

The rooms are quite spacious, even if you are traveling in a group. The bed is large enough to accommodate two people and thus corresponds to a whole family tour bill. Basically, the place meets all the points in the checklist. It involves good behavior of employees, water supply round the clock, mouth watering. What else is needed on a trip anyway?

place: City of Dehradun, near ISBT
Face value: Rs 500

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4. Negi Homestay House

Homestay in Chakrata

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Being on a shoestring budget does not mean that you cannot be out for a trip. If the housing is pulling you back, this is not an issue. Negi’s homestay is a dream stay for all single people. Yajaman is sociable and can help visitors learn a lot about chakrata. Enjoy your evening with your host, listening to local folklore. Indulge in a home-cooked meal that this place is currently proud of.

place: 65 Chakrata Road Yamuna Colony
Face value: Rs 500

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5. Elegant Stay Homestay

Hill View Homestay

Located in one of the prominent places, this homestay is quite popular among travelers and locals. No doubt, it is one of the best houses situated in Chakrata. The facility’s staff are highly trained and can tell you all about the unbeatable places you can visit during your stay in Chakrata. Don’t forget to watch bicycles and motor vehicles from this inn around the area, and indulge in the comforting home food that this homestay offers.

place: Mohkampur Respna Bridge
Face value: 1000 rupees

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6. Handic Homestay

Alayam homestay room

Looking forward to spending some time wrapped in the smell of fresh orchard apple? Okay, then this is the place for you. Located in the beautiful village of Gorchha, the hearty homestay is not one of the cheap houses in Chakrata. However, there is a lot of it.

Enjoy the beauty of beautiful mountains, rural life and organic farming. In addition to spending a grand time enjoying the host’s hospitality, enjoy the apples. In fact, it will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

place: House No.5 Gorchha Village Dehradun
Face value: 3000 rupees

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7. Himalayan Foxhole

Himalayan Foxhole lives in chakrata

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If you dream of spending a cold night in a log cabin, then your dream may come true in the Himalayan Foxhole. This place is ideal for adventure lovers looking for a break from the polluted city life for the Chakrata householder. Nothing can beat the joy of drowning on a cup of hot drinks standing on the balcony overlooking a beautiful valley.

place: Mussoorie Road, Makhti Pokhari Chakrata
Face value: Rs 2299

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So, which of these warm and cozy houses in Chakrata will you choose for your vacation in the hills? Contact the experts at TravelTrangle to book you a wonderful holiday in Chakrata the way you want. And don’t forget to tell us about your vacation experience after coming back!

Frequently asked questions about homestays in Chakrata

Q. Is online booking a safe way for these homestays?

a. Yes, many of these homestays give travelers the option to pay online and it is a safe way to pay.

Q. Are these household pets friendly?

a. Yes, many of these homestays are pet-friends, but you may still need to call ahead and ask the owner if you can bring your pet along.

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