7 Weekend Getaways From Vadodara That You Cannot Miss In 2021!

7 Weekend Getaways From Vadodara That You Cannot Miss In 2021!

Vadodara is all about the grand palaces and mythological monuments that have taken many tourists to this destination. Apart from this, Vadodara is full of cultural sites and temples, which is why it is a center of believers and religious people. It has acquired the title of cultural capital of Gujarat, where you can see the alchemy of Jain, Hindu and Muslim architecture. Not only this, Vadodara also has many other places which are perfect for weekend getaways. These places can also be searched with your family, friends or your partner. From religious sites to historical sites, Vadodara has a lot to see. To make your work easier, we have chosen the best destinations Weekend Gateway from Vadodara. Scroll through the list to read!

7 places to visit in weekend from Vadodara

If you are looking for a weekend getaway around Vadodara, then this cultural capital has a lot to offer to you. Therefore, dig into the list and choose the best place for your weekend trip.

  • Bharuch – Famous for historical significance
  • happiness – Milk capital of india
  • Champaner-Pavagadh – Take a dip in cultures
  • Dakor – A hub of temples
  • face – The diamond city
  • Kabirism – For some time alone
  • Gandhinagar – Capital of gujarat

1. Bharuch – Famous for historical significance

It is famous for its historical significance.

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Formerly popular as Broach, Bharuch is a city located at the mouth of the Narmada River, one of the largest industrial areas. That is why it is also known as the ‘Chemical Capital of India’. It was popular among Greeks when trade took place between countries through the sea. Due to its historical significance, the place is usually accompanied by history buffs and travelers, which is why it is now listed as one of the best weekend getaways from Vadodara.

Distance between Vadodara and Bharuch: 78.8 km
Tourist Attractions: Narmada Park, Bhrigu Rishi Temple and Golden Bridge
Ideal for: History lovers and families

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2. Anand – The Milk Capital of India

Anand is the best destination in Wodara

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Popularly known as the ‘Milk Capital of India’, Anand is the center of the famous white revolution that took place in the 20th century. This is where the AMUL manufacturing plant is located. If you want to see the rural side of Gujarat, then you should visit Anand which is the perfect destination for a short weekend away from Vadodara. In addition, there are many historical and religious sites, as well as traditions and centuries-old cultures to enjoy and enjoy.

Distance between Vadodara and Anand: 46.2 km
Tourist Attractions: Swaminarayan Temple and Amil Carillon’s chimes
Ideal for: Religious people and family

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3. Champaner-Pavagadh – Take a Dip in Cultures

It is the best destination for weekends from Vadodara

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Both these places go hand in hand as Vadodara has the most popular weekend getaways. It is the perfect place to witness an amalgamation of Muslim-Hindu architecture and explore some of the oldest forts and monuments. Apart from this, you will also find historical ruins that tell the story of Champaner. It is the best place to immerse yourself in the history of Gujarat, that is why you can see many history lovers exploring tourist attractions.

Distance between Vadodara and Champaner-Pavagadh: 48.7 km
Tourist Attractions: Jama Masjid, Kevada Mosque, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, and Pavagadh Hills
Ideal for: History lovers and families

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4. Dakor – A Hub of Temples

There is a hub of temples

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Dakor is mainly famous for its temples with intricate designs which are visited by many followers every year. You will find a heap of temples situated on the banks of Gomti which are dedicated to Lord Krishna. These temples feature its magnificent architecture from outside as well as positive aura from inside. If you too are a follower of Lord Krishna, then you cannot miss visiting the beautiful temples of Dakor.

Distance between Vadodara and Dakor: 61.4 km
Tourist Attractions: Kevadeshwar Mahadev, Gayatri Temple, and Rabari Samaj Temple
Ideal for: Religious people and family

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5. Surat – The Diamond City

The diamond city

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Every other city is named after the place that Surat is famous for and as we all know, is famous for its diamonds. It is not the only thing that attracts tourists to this place but also attracts exotic wildlife and colonial history of Surat. Tourist attractions like Surat Mahal, Diamond Gallery and Science Center Complex are usually found with travelers, which is why it is listed as one of the best places for long weekends near Vadodara.

Distance between Vadodara and Surat: 150.2 km
Tourist Attractions: Dumas Beach, Surat Castle, Amazia Waterpark and Gopi Talav
Ideal for: Friends and family

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6. Kabirism – for some secluded time

This is best for some seclusion time

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Vadodara is another Kabirwad in the list of weekend getaways, an island located in the center of the Narmada River. This place can be reached only by renting a boat to and from Shuklathirtha Shiva temple. One of the best things to explore here is the centuries old banyan tree which is now spread over an area of ​​about 3 kilometers. The name of this place tells us that it is named after the famous saint Kabir, who was residing here for many years. If you are looking for a secluded place where you can calm your mind, then you must visit Kabirwad.

Distance between Vadodara and Kabirwad: 60.7 km
Tourist Attractions: Kabir Temple, Golden Bridge, Narmada Park, Sai Baba Temple
Ideal for: Friends, family and religious people

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7. Gandhinagar – Capital of Gujarat

This is the best destination in Wodara

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Gandhinagar is one of the perfect weekend getaways from Vadodara by car, while offering a rich cultural heritage. Nestled on the Sabarmati River, the place is visited by Gandhi followers as it has been their residence for many years and the place is home to their museums. In addition, there are amazing temples to visit, along with stepwells, parks, and more. People traveling with children will not get bored here, as the city is also home to a children’s park, where they can spend a fun time.

Distance between Vadodara and Gandhinagar: 132.7 km
Tourist Attractions: Adalaj Stepwell, Indroda Nature Park, BAPS Akshardham Temple
Ideal for: Friends, family and religious people

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So, there are the best weekend getaways from Vadodara that you can find. These places are not limited to religious people only and can be explored by friends, history lovers, and nature enthusiasts. To visit Vadodara so much to offer travelers, a trip is necessary this year. So, call your friends for your trip to explore some of the most spectacular places in Gujarat. Once you visit that place, it will be in your heart forever, that is why you will keep going there again and again. so what are you waiting for? Time is running out!

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FAQ about weekend getaway from Vadodara

Does Vadodara have any beaches?

Yes, Vadodara has many beaches and some of them are Tithal Beach, Jamnagar Beach, Dwarka Beach and Dumas Beach.

Does Vadodara have temples to visit?

Yes, one of the famous temples to visit near Vadodara is the Kubera Bhandari Temple which is located 60 km from the city and can be reached by cab ride.

What are the best natural places to visit near Vadodara?

Some of the top natural places to explore near Vadodara are Kabirvad, Hathni waterfalls and Zharwani waterfalls where you can spend some bizarre time.

How do I reach Pavagadh from Vadodara?

Pavagadh is located at a distance of 55 km from Vadodara. Distance can be covered within two hours from a car ride.

What are the top places to visit Vadodara for 2 days?

You can visit Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Vapi, Valsad and these places for a two-day trip as they are located in Vadodara.

Does Vadodara have any wildlife spot?

Yes, you can visit Sayaji Bagh Zoo, where you can establish a natural wildlife as well as see animals in their natural habitat.

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