9 Best Adventure Sports In Mussoorie That You Should Definitely Try

9 Best Adventure Sports In Mussoorie That You Should Definitely Try

If your dream involves a perfect vacation spot, quiet hills or untouched nature, then Mussoorie will welcome you in the best way. It enjoys a pleasant type of climate most of the year. The natural beauty of the hills makes it a very popular choice for honeymoon. Apart from being beautiful and spectacular, Mussoorie is also ideal for trying out adventure sports. Has a long list of Adventure sports in Mussoorie, Each of them providing breathtaking experiences.

9 Best Adventure Games in Mussoorie

Since the list of adventure games can be long, we intend to provide you with the best information about those. Then you can do your journey in a hassle free manner.

1. Sky Walk

An adventure enthusiast tries to balance on the skywalk

It would be fair to say that the skywalk is not for the faint-hearted. If you are an adventure enthusiast who is not afraid of heights, then Skywalk Mussoorie will be a treat for you. You will have some of the best moments of your life to try this game after you become fear free. You will walk on a wire at a certain height, usually, it is 120 feet in the hair with both hands. You will be provided with adequate safety equipment that will keep you from falling, but if you manage to make it right, you will have a panoramic view of the mountains and greenery covering the entire city. It is one of the best adventure sports in Mussoorie to try.

place: Snow Adventure Zone, 6 km ago | Dhanaulti, Mussoorie 248001, India
right moment: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM.
Price: INR starts at per person.

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2. River Rafting

White water river rafting

River Rafting is another thrilling adventure sport that you can try in Mussoorie. Most of the river flows through dense forests. This type of rafting is conducted in groups of people. They are given a boat and a life-saving jacket. You must have little skill and knowledge of boat running. Sometimes, the river rises high and the water level rises to a great extent. You should be very cautious during this phase although you will be provided with safety equipment, a rope that connects you to other boats. If you wish, you can also take a guide during these games which can guide you better. It is also better if you know how to swim. This can protect you from any kind of risk.

place: Lakhamandal from Barkot near Mussoorie.
Time: 10.00AM-3.00AM
Price: It mainly depends on the distance you are traveling.

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3. climb

Adventure activity

One of the main attractions of Mussoorie is rock climbing. Many organizations organize this adventure. Every kind of precaution is taken so that tourists do not face any issues while climbing their way, but a certain strength is required to climb the rock. This game also requires some practice and attention at the same time. The climbing routes generally have a length of about 82 feet or 164 feet. Tourists are tightly bound with a heavy rope so that they can climb the rocks comfortably. It is said to have the highest number of natural rocks in Mussoorie, making it a natural paradise for rock climbing. As these rocks are natural, they have a rough surface and a variety of curves. While climbing you should be well aware of the curves and rough surface. It is better to wear heavy clothes while climbing rocks.
place: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie
Time: 8.00 AM – 3.00 AM
Price: INR 600 / per person.

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4. Wrappling


Rappling is another important fun sport which is held in different parts of Mussoorie. It simply means descending through the mountains with the help of a variety of ropes and other goods or tools. It is considered one of the major activities that anyone can engage in Mussoorie. Tourists are usually tightly tied with rope or cable for safety purposes before they climb a cliff or fall down. You will be amazed by slipping over the mountains and witnessing a wonderful natural view of the hills and natural splendor.

place: Buranshanda, Mussoorie
Time: 8.30AM-2.00PM
Price: INR 600 / per person.

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5. Camping

Experience Camp in Mandu

If you are always excited to pay close attention to the natural beauty of the place, then it is better to go camping. You can go with bamboo huts or deluxe huts, whichever is better for you. All these huts have bathrooms with it and come with modern amenities. In addition, there are alpine tents for adventure lovers. Most tents will provide you with clear views of the Himalayan ranges. You can also see the beauty of thrilling valleys and deep forests with such tents. Camping can be counted as one of the best Adventure game in Mussoorie for couple. Camping can give you a very thrilling experience, especially at night time. If you are lucky then you can face roaring of different types of wild animals. Usually, a fire is lit in front of the camp at night so that no wild animal can attack it. Safety measures are always taken by the organizers or providers.

place: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie.
Price: Bamboo tents INR 1600 / per person and deluxe tents INR 1200 / per person.

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6. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking 1

This is another great game that can help you get the same experience as before and you will definitely get used to it. It is a pleasure to ride around the hills with a bike. Most mountain bikes are durable and they provide superior performance. Dhanaulti is counted as one of the most famous and Best spots for adventure sports in Mussoorie. Biking with hilly terrain and bumpy paths will give you a different experience. They are very different from normal roads. However, you must be very cautious while taking turns as the turns in the mountainous areas are quite rigid and narrow. You should know and follow all types of traffic directions. There should be proper control over speed. All this can save you from accidents. Drive slowly and enjoy the natural beauty of the hills.

place: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie
Price: INR 3,500 / 1 night and for 2 days.

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7. Paragliding

A memorable experience of paragliding

If you have a dream of paragliding, then Mussoorie is the best place. Paragliding on the lakes of Mussoorie will provide you a great chance to see the beauty of the lake from a great height. Some special trainers or instructors are always there to help visitors. You can also do paragliding on the valleys to get a beautiful view of the valleys and mountains which are the main reason behind the occasional natural beauty of Mussoorie.

place: Mussoorie Lake, Dhobi Ghat, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 248179, India
Time: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.
Price: INR 3500 / per person duration 10 m, 5 km. Altitude is about 4000 million tonnes.

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8. Zip Line

Enjoying Ziplining in Phuket

The other name of the zipline is fox. This is one of the most exciting and exciting adventures you can adopt in Mussoorie. It would be amazing to fly from alpine forest and over the river at a speed of 90 kmph. You must have patience and interest to undertake this adventure. Although prior safety and security is provided by the instructors, you have to be courageous. Many organizations run the game. You can choose the one that suits you. It is very famous or popular Adventure game in Mussoorie Uttarakhand And most tourists go for it because it thrills.

place: Mussoorie and Dhanaulti
Time: 9.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Price: INR 500/330 ft per person length and speed 50 mph.

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9. Valley Crossing

Valley crossing Rishikesh

Crossing the valley is very popular in Mussoorie and Dhanaulti. You will travel at a speed of 70 kmph. The whole thing is done with the help of a winch that pulls the visitor’s hand from one place to another. It almost sounds like a commando. The more you pull the rope, the faster you cross the valley. The former is arranged by the organizers. You have to be steady and hopeful. There are two parallel lines crossing the valley.

place: Dhanaulti, Mussoorie.
Time: 8.30 pm – 3.30 pm
Price: INR per person at a length of 240ft and height of 60ft.

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There are many adventure activities which are organized in Mussoorie. If you are planning a trip to Mussoorie or different from the traditional way of outing, then it is best to go with this type of adventure sports. They are not only challenging, but very refreshing at the same time. Since winter is very heavy in Mussoorie, it is better to avoid any kind of adventure sports in Mussoorie in December.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Sports in Mussoorie

Q. Is Mussoorie ideal for adventure activities?

a. Valleys and mountains are always ideal for a variety of thrilling adventures. You have enough options and you can choose the one which is convenient for you. Most of the adventure activities are conducted in the lap of the valleys.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

a. The best time to visit Mussoorie is during the summer months when the climate is best for a mountainous region and you can do any activity when the fog is almost zero.

Q. Are there any age limits for this adventure game?

a. For some sports, but also different. You should inquire about this before trying the game.

Q. Is it better to try these types of games during weekends in Mussoorie?

a. Generally, weekends are crowded with people. So, it is best if you try these kinds of games during normal working days. The pressure is very low and you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Q. Is it better to pre-book adventure games?

a. It is always better to pre-book provided the organizer accepts it. If there is an option, you should proceed with it. Otherwise, you can go directly to the spot and make a booking.

Q. Can we enjoy adventure games with our family and friends?

a. Many such adventures can be done with family members. Bike riding, camping etc. can be done easily with your friends or family members, to name a few.

Q. Are adventure sports expensive?

a. To some extent, this is not expensive because the organizers provide all the necessary equipment with costumes. Even in many cases, it depends on the individual organizers. You should inquire about the price before taking the thrill.

Q. Is it important to know how to swim for river rafting?

a. If you are taking advantage of water sports activities, it is always better to know swimming. Although the organizers provide all the necessary precautions, there may be risk. In this case, knowing swimming will be of additional benefit.

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