9 Romantic Places In San Francisco For An Amorous Vacation

9 Romantic Places In San Francisco For An Amorous Vacation

The city of San Francisco, the cultural, marketing and financial center of Northern California, is considered the 13th most populous city in the United States. The land of fog and paranormal thrills welcomes you with a handful of surprises. The best thing about San Francisco is that you cannot get enough of this amazing city. It does not matter if you spend a week or two here, the city is so big in terms of attractions and amenities that it is not easy to cover all this in a short time.

The city is one of the most recommended places for holidays with friends and family. But if you’re spending the holidays with your partner, San Francisco is even more welcome. Read further to know most Romantic places in san francisco.

9 romantic places in San Francisco that are a must visit

For a romantic honeymoon or a romantic vacation, this list covers some amazing romantic places in San Francisco that you should hang out with your partner and rekindle your love.

1. Lovers Lane in the Presidio

Lovers lane in the presidio

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Lovers Lane, the oldest foot trail in the Presidio, connects the Presidio’s center to Pacific Heights. A romantic one mile walk is enough to take you through the royal eucalyptus. The lane is a great place to get a glimpse of the raptors and some other birds. If you pay close attention among the trees, you will find Andy Goldsworthy’s sculpted Wood Line, a burnt pattern of Eucalyptus branches. This one-mile walk will also take you through the Tennessee Holo watershed and discover cypress trees and historic homes. There is a footbridge which dates from the 1880s. If you spot coyotes, keep your distance and do not approach them. This lane is called Lovers Lane. Apparently, American soldiers used this lane in the late 1800s to use the trolley line to see their lovers and family in the city.

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2. Capitulation of Cupid

Captivate cupid

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Located in the Iambarkadero waterfront in San Francisco, Cupid’s Span or we can say Cupid’s bow is a 60-foot exterior sculpture by married artists Clade Oldenburg and Cosje van Bruggen, most notably by The Golder founders, Donald and Doris F. Fisher has been made. It was a gift to the city in the year 2002. This beautiful sculpture is inspired by the home port of Eros as San Francisco’s reputation. Cupid’s bow has always been an inspiration to lovers and that is why this attraction is one of the most beloved attractions for couples. The location of a waterfront adds a pin of magic and love to the sculpture. The best thing about this attraction is that it is listed as one of the 15 most beautiful places to hold a wedding in San Francisco. If it’s your honeymoon or your wedding anniversary, then Cupid’s Span will make you fall in love again.

3. Treasure Island

treasure Island

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The island is an artificial island in San Francisco. Treasure Island is famous for two things – the music festival and the flea market. It was built in 1936–37 for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition. The island is just 7 minutes ride from the city. This man-made island gives a spectacular view of the San Francisco skyline on a clear bright day. Take a quick drive on the Bay Bridge towards Oakland, take the left track and leave halfway and there you are at a manned entrance that is no longer in action. You can grab a brunch at Aracely, rent a beach cruiser at A Tran’s bike shop, go for a private picnic at Clipper Cove, and more. Treasure Island Bar & Grill offers amazing cocktails that you should not miss. The island gives a wonderful touch of love and romance and is widely famous among the couple in love.

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4. Palace of Fine Arts

View of the palace of fine arts

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The Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful landmark in the city of San Francisco, inspired by epic Greek and Roman architecture. This flawless landscape is filled with a great variety of animal and plant life. You can find gorgeous swans attractive by their appearance. The palace is owned by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. As we know San Francisco is a place for lovers, this Palace of Fine Arts is one of the most popular venues for wedding photo shoots where you will be enchanted with beautiful, elegant style columns and a beautiful rotunda that You can find it here. A small lake where you can find many beautiful swans. This would be unnecessary especially to travel to the rotunda as the building is habitually busy and not up to the pure surface mark as it draws your attention from the surroundings. The best way to explore the palace with your partner is to try to get a better view from the benches across the pond.


5. Strawberry Hill

Strawberry Hill

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Explore an amazing blast of greenery that you will surely love. This magnificent Golden Gate Park attraction is an island located in the middle of Sto Lake. The hill is located at 430 feet in the air and is considered as the highest point in the entire park. You can capture some of the most amazing scenes with your partner, including Mt. Tamalpais and Golden Gate Bridge. Take your partner on a romantic date on Strawberry Hill, along with binoculars, a book, digital camera, lunch, and some items you need for a good picnic. There are some activities that you can enjoy while being on this hill. You can travel to the waterfall, meditate on the Golden Gate Pavilion, and take a walk with your lover. This hill is a paradise on earth for bird watchers and wildlife lovers.

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6. Hornblower Cruise and Events

Hornblower Cruise & Events

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If you have a wedding anniversary or an anniversary, then Hornblower Cruise is the perfect place for such an occasion. For a romantic Valentine’s dinner date with your partner or a honeymoon dinner with your spouse, a four-night banquet gives a romantic satisfaction while exploring the iconic sights that cruises the cruises. You can have your dinner on the boat, or on the Hornblower ferry. And why only dinner, you can enjoy the amazing waves as well as the stunning waves, gentle winds and Hornblower’s Champagne brunch cruise. Exotic brunch includes classy breakfast dishes, lunch and a buffet accumulated with desserts. A pair of romance, lively music and a sunbathing scene is an ideal holiday for couples.

7. Dolores Park

Park view

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Mission Dolores Park is one of the most popular parks in San Francisco. Famous for semi-professional tanning and playful picnics, the sunny side of the city has found an attraction for couples. If you have a dog, this is a plus point. The park is located just two blocks south of Mission Dolores at the western end of the Mission District. The park is so spectacular that people visit it on their daily basis. It has many fun activities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, dog play areas and multi-purpose courts. It is recommended to visit the park on work days as it gets really messed up by Sunday.

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8. Chrissy Field

Chrissy Field View

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A holiday paradise on Earth, Chrissy Field welcomes you with its stunning San Francisco Bay views, simple hiking, exotic beaches, expansive lawns and playful picnic spots. This milestone is widely popular among the locals. It used to be the home of Ohlone, a native. The site then served as an army airfield and later became recognized as a busy industrial area for the military. The first major change of the site occurred when it became a national park. The site is now widely visited by nature lovers, couples and people spending holidays with friends and family. Chrissy Marsh is heaven for birdwatchers. Some locations in Chrissy Field suitable for a romantic dinner date are Warming Hut Cafe and Park Store, Chris Marsh and Chrissy Field West Buffs.


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9. Marin Headlands

Sunset scene

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As the crown jewel of Golden Gate National Parks in San Francisco, the Marine Headlands is located north of the Golden Gate Bridge and has a vast, beautiful and diverse city that touches the city. Explore the natural charm and grandeur of this site that makes you admire its creativity. If you are looking for a special place where you can ask your lover to be your life partner, then Marin Headlands is the first choice. Get away from city life and spend a magical day exploring your hidden beaches and trails with your lover. There are many beaches around the park – Kirby Cove Beach, Rhodo Beach, Point Bonita Lighthouse Black Sands Beach and more.

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San Francisco is a city of hippies, a place for romance, and a wonderful area for lovers. When you are going with your partner, fun activities in the city can make your journey more extended. Book your trip to the United States with TravelTriangle and have a great time exploring romantic places in San Francisco with your partner.



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