A Guide To The Southernmost Region Of Italy

A Guide To The Southernmost Region Of Italy

Calabria is the southernmost region of Italy and is often referred to as a boot-shaped peninsular country. The region is divided into 5 provinces – Cosenza, Regio Calabria, Catanzaro, Croton and Vernus Valencia. All these provinces have beautiful tourist spots and attractive landscapes. Kalabria Travel Not just limited to luxurious holidays, but backpacking, snow sports, adventure sports, and just a simple desire to build a base in nature. Go through the guide to learn more about the breathtaking coastline and the gorgeous land of peace.

About Calabria Tour

Things You Should Know About Calabria

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The region not only boasts the ethereal beauty of nature for tourists, but also has a rich history, culture, traditions and art that will leave a spell.

Back in the day, Calabria was often referred to as the ‘Land of Wine’ and thus, it is unnecessary to say that local wines here should be a must try. Italian food is famous worldwide but it has local preparations in every region that are unique to them. Some of these Calabria foods include Lagane e Cicciari, Pignolata, Cudduraci and many more.
Although the official language here is Italian, dialects can be found with two major dialects – northern Calabrian and southern Calabrian in different regions of Calabria. You may also find a hint of Spanish in some dialects.

Most of the people here are Roman Catholics and due to being the birthplace of many saints for the last 2000 years, this area is also known as the ‘Land of Saints’. Furthermore, although limited to small communities, the Jewish presence has been part of the history of Calabria.

Best time to visit Calabria

Best time to visit Calabria

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The climate of Calabria attracts year-round tourism as it has something in all seasons. Those who like to go for various snow sports are advised to go in the winter season which happens anytime between December and February. On the other hand, those who want to explore the impressive stretch of beach are suggested to travel during the hot climate.

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5 Best Places to Visit in Calabria

The Calabria region is very beautiful and serene and is bound to please tourists and is a mixture of relaxation, adventure, luxury and peace. While there are many unforgettable places in the region that will leave you spellbound, here are some places you should not miss while on vacation here:

1. Pententillo


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Situated on Mount Kalvari, this village witnessed the civilization of 600 BC, and your Kalbeliya journey was not complete without paying this visit. Pentathillo is derived from ‘penta’ meaning five, due to its appearance being similar to the Cyclops’ five-handed hand. Although the population has now shifted, the city resembles a ghostly place; It is still fascinating and full of mystery. Driving by a car there and walking on the roads is recommended.

place: Regiago Calabria Province

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2. Santa Sevina

Santa severina

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Often referred to as the ‘Stone Ship’, this ancient medieval city lies between the Ionian Sea and the Silla Mountains, giving it the true form of a palatial city protected by nature on both sides. The city rises on a rock in the valley and gives the appearance of a stone ship in the middle of the sea. The city has a particularly interesting history and is highly recommended for scenery, history, architecture and cold coffee or broaches with ice cream. The city may be the only location in Calabria with solid Byzantine evidence. Do not leave this ancient city on your Kalabria trip.

place: Croton Province

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3. Gambler

the gambler

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Calabria is often associated with the sea; You are in for a surprise with Gambery, the most popular place for skiing in Calabria. Tourists are often surprised by the fact that there are ski resorts in the area. One can ski on silas, polinos and aspromonates. In addition, cable cars are available to take tourists to the peaks of Mount Nardello and Mount Cycruco. The city is full of natural beauty in the form of creeks, snow-capped mountains, beech forests and overall serene environment. There are many farms in the area and the town uses fresh agricultural vegetables to prepare local food. If you are doing some adventure, then you must visit this place on your Kalbeliya trip.

place: Regiago Calabria Province

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4. Tropia


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It is the holiday capital of Calabria and when tourists come here, they most definitely stop at Tropia to enjoy the coastal views of this city. The city is situated on a rock connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. The city is a very famous bathing spot, where tourists enjoy blue waterfalls in the sun. One can also visit the Norman cathedral, the Franciscan monastery and the dell’lsola monastery of Santa Maria. These architectural structures are amazing in themselves. The 12th-century architecture of Norman Cathedral gives a glimpse into Norman architectural culture. On your Calabria trip, you will realize how incredible and authentic this small town is.

place: Vibo Valentina Province

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5. Stillo

The style

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Stillo is one of the most interesting places for history and art that Calabria boasts. Catolica Eddie Stillo is a small church of Byzantine culture in the foot square of Mount Consolino. It is well-liked by tourists throughout the year and is famous for its Byzantine art. It is situated on a hill with olive trees and with vines all around it giving it the appearance of a palace out of a fairy tale.
place: Regiago Calabria Province

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The Calabria region of Italy is quite beautiful and is not just a beach. Your trip to Europe here leaves you speechless and you will not be able to wait again to visit this destination as there is not enough to satisfy a tourist.



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