Admire The Rich History & Marvellous Architecture

Admire The Rich History & Marvellous Architecture

Kollam is a hidden gem of Kerala. With its natural confluence of natural beauty and spiritual and cultural aura, Kollam attracts travelers of all types. Enjoying the coastal location and pleasant climate, Kollam attracts religious travelers year-round who want to visit the place for a spiritual atmosphere. The temples of Kollam are famous and most visited, but the churches are not. There are some very beautiful churches in Kollam which have a rich heritage and history, which is worth knowing. Take a look at popular churches and include some of them in your Kollam tour plan.

Beautiful Church in Kollam

With an interesting history and heritage and a stunning architecture to admire; Churches in Kollam are a must see for a visit to this offbeat city of Kerala.

  • Our Lady of Purification Church
  • Holy Cross Latin Catholic Church
  • Baby jesus cathedral
  • St. Thomas Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church
  • St. Anthony’s Church
  • Holy Family Latin Catholic Church
  • St. Peter’s Church
  • St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church
  • St. Francis Xavier Church
  • St. Stephen’s Church
  • Shrine of Our Lady Vellankani Church

1. Our Lady of Purification Church

Kollin, one of the oldest churches

Our Lady of Purification Church, which is locally popular as Kollam Port Church, is one of the oldest churches in Kollam and the entire state. Considered and worshiped as a relic of St. Thomas, this church is extremely popular among locals and tourists. Along with other festivals and regular Sunday crowds, the church is famous nationwide for the feast of Our Lady of Purification Church held in January and February every year. Devotees of all religions attend this festival, which includes feasts, special prayers and grand processions through the city.

place: Jonaka Puram, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691006

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2. Holy Cross Latin Catholic Church

Ancient Church in Kollam

image Source

Built in 1850, it is another name in ancient churches in Kollam. Located a short distance from Thangassery Arch, this church boasts a peaceful surrounding, great prayer services and community functions. Apart from this, the white marble sparkling building is also worth visiting.

place: Thangassery East, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007

3. Infant Jesus Cathedral

Roman Catholic Church

image Source

Built by the Portuguese in 1614, Shishu Jesus Cathedral, Kollam, is a prominent name in the list of the best churches in Kerala. Formerly known as Jesu Church, this Roman Catholic Church is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier and is one of the most popular churches in Kollam. This church is visited by people of all religions not only during weekends but also on all days of the week and praises its grand structure and spelling architecture. The huge prayer hall, stained glass windows with pictures depicting the life of Jesus and immense peace attracts every visitor to this holy place. If you visit this church, do not miss to see and meditate on the stunning window painting of Jesus Christ sitting in the Lotus position.

place: Thangassery East, Thangassery, Kollam, Kerala 691007

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4. St. Thomas Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church

Quiet atmosphere in the church

image Source

St. Thomas Jacobite Orthodox Syrian Church, also known as Malankara Jacobite Syrian Christian Church, is one of the first of its kind churches in Kollam, a direct section of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch. The sparkling white building amazes everyone at first and the serene atmosphere leaves a lasting impression. It is the only church in Kollam that has a direct connection with the Syrian Christians of Antioch.

place: Kadappakkada, Kollam, Kerala 691008

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5. St. Anthony’s Church

Anthony Church in Kollam

image Source

St. Anthony’s Church is another ancient church in Kollam, built over 400 years ago and renovated in 1986 to the current structure. The Catholic Church provides many mass services at all times and around 10,000 devotees attend the same every week. Ancient manuscripts and other findings suggest that this church was donated to the thieves of Kanjiram Forest, a vast forest of snake wood and medicinal plants.

place: Kanjirakode, Kollam

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6. Holy Family Latin Catholic Church

    Large interior of teh church

image Source

The Holy Family Latin Catholic Church in Kollam has a gorgeous building, spacious interior and prayer hall, and wonderful prayer services. Located in the center of Kollam city, this Latin Catholic Church attracts tourists and locals with its mesmerizing power and a vibrant statue of the Lord Jesus, which multiplies the beauty of the place manifold.

place: Aradhana Nagar, Kollam, Kerala

7. St. Peter’s Church

Beautiful interior of the church

image Source

St. Peter’s Church is one of the famous Kollam churches, situated on the outskirts. The immaculate clean complex, the lavish gardens surrounding and the beautifully adorned building and interior make it a favorite spot among locals and tourists. The church was rebuilt several times and still retains its glory and charm. It is one of the few churches in Kerala and perhaps the only church in Kollam, where Mother Teresa visited in 1972 and laid the foundation stone of a unit of Our Lady of Fatima.

place: Jonka Puram, Mundakkal Village, Kollam, Kerala 691001

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8. St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church

One of the new churches in Kollam

image Source

Easily accessible from all parts of the city, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church is the newest of the churches in Kollam. The church has been recently renovated and looks amazing. Do not come here to enjoy the serene atmosphere, worship, relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the lake from the church premises.

place: Kollam bypass, Kurepuzha, Kerala 691601

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9. St. Francis Xavier Church

Peaceful atmosphere of the church

image Source

St. Francis Xavier Church, located near Kollam railway station, falls under the Roman Catholic style of Quanton in the Latin Catholic style. If you are ready to travel a little farther from the city center, St. Francis Xavier Church is probably the best for unwilling, devoted prayers, holy masses, and special prayer services. St. Francis Xavier Church also hosts feast, community lunch and Christmas celebrations, perhaps the best in the city.

place: Chinnakkada, Kollam

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10. St. Stephen’s Church

The Most Prestigious Church in Kollam

image Source

Of all the must-see churches in Kollam, it is the most prestigious. St. Stephen’s Church is one of the first diocese of India in Thopa Kollam. The church is 216 years old and the patron of this parish is St. Stephen, the first martyr of the church. The church was renovated in 2011 and reopened under the noted guidance of Rt. Dr. Stanley Roman, Bishop of Kollam Rev. Currently Kollam has the most vibrant looking religious structure, it should not be missed at any cost.

place: Pallithottam Road, Jonaka Puram, Thop, Kollam, Kerala 691006

11. Shrine of Our Lady Velankanni Church

The temple here looks lively and beautiful

image Source

Located in the city center in Tuyam, the Shrine of Our Lady Velankanni Church is another popular name in the list of the best churches in Kollam. The temple here looks vibrant and beautiful and is connected to the parish of St. Sebastian aka Tate Church. Mangos and Novenas are held every Wednesday and Sunday and thousands of devotees of all religions participated.

place: Taluk Kachri, Kollam, Kerala 691001

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Kollam is a religious place and not only temples, churches in Kollam are equally popular and attractive. Next time you plan to visit Kerala, make sure to check out some of the most beautiful churches on the recommended list.

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Frequently asked questions about churches in Kollam

Q. Which is the oldest church in Kollam?

a. St. Thomas Siro Malabar Church is the oldest church in Kollam.

Q. Popular and Must See in Kollam Name the temples.

a. Popular and must-visit temples in Kollam are Ammachivedu Muhurti Temple, Achankovil Temple, Chaitnur Sri Bhoothnath Temple, Kadakala Devi Temple and Ashram Sri Krishna Swamy Temple.

Q. Which churches are best for weddings in Kollam?

a. Kadavoor Church, CSI Christ Church, St. Sebastian; The Latin Catholic Church and Our Lady of Purification Church provide the best marriage services in Kollam.

Q. Which is the largest church in Kollam?

a. The Infant Jesus Cathedral is the largest church in Kollam.

Q. What are the popular hotels in Kollam?

a. Popular hotels in Kollam are Hotel C Pearl, Nani Hotels and Resorts, The Quilon Beach Hotel and Convention Center and the All Seasons D’Fort Ayurvedic Resort.

Q. Which is the best time to visit Kollam?

a. Kollam is visited by religious travelers throughout the year, but the ideal time to visit Kollam and experience a wonderful climate is the winter months from October to February.

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