Adventure Sports In Mahabaleshwar That You Must Try In 2021

Adventure Sports In Mahabaleshwar That You Must Try In 2021

Have you heard of Pune? Oh, is that so! You may have Heard about Mahabaleshwar? Not necessary. Are you one of them? Then you are missing so much! A great place for a vacation, Mahabaleshwar stands tall as a wonderful place for honeymoon, even better for weekend getaway and adventure sports. It is in the district of Satara district where visitors can easily reach from Mumbai and Pune. In addition, they offer the best refreshing holiday spots one would desire. Apart from this, it is also considered the queen of hill stations in Maharashtra. Once you travel from Mumbai to Ambenli Ghat, your lungs will be filled with air which is refreshing, cool and refreshing. You will also smell the smell of fresh herbs and the entire atmosphere will be filled with the smell of this fragrant herb. In April and May, tourists can naturally get cold water to drink and they can chase various Adventure Games in Mahabaleshwar. They can experience activities such as boating, horse riding, trekking and fishing.

Adventure Sports in Mahabaleshwar

Here is the list of adventure activities in Mahabaleshwar, who want to try one. Make sure you have read the complete list, so that you can explore and work on your fun list of adventure games in Mahabaleshwar.

1. Tapola: Jungle Trekking

View of the forest

Image courtesy

Tapola is a small village in the jungles of Mahabaleshwar and there are many exciting Mahabaleshwar adventure games that anyone can try. It is nourished by Sivasagar Lake. Tapola is an excellent place for a very famous jungle trek or nature walk. You will find most adventure addicts and nature hunters to be around this place. Trekking is allowed here but you fall in love with the abundant range of Avifuna. You will also see that it is not recommended for anyone. If you are only interested in the trek, you can take a package that starts from Pune and ends in Pune.

Cost of jungle trek: INR 4,500

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2. Rock climbing

Enjoying rock climbing

Rock climbing is the most enjoyable activity in Mahabaleshwar! You will look forward to this adventurous activity in Mahabaleshwar. Rock climbing and zip lining activity is a combination here, so when you are busy doing rock climbing, try doing a zip lining activity as well. When you are with your friends or family you can have a whole lot of fun and then enjoy each full moment. You have several adventure companies offering these activities and one such company is Velocity Entertainment.

Cost of rock climbing in Mahabaleshwar: Variable

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3. Mahabaleshwar Water Sports: Kayaking and Windsurfing

Kayaking & Windsurfing

image Source

Kayaking is one of the most energetic and exciting adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar. You have to go kayaking here too. Now, the thing here is that you camp the previous day and wait for a day for the equipment to be set. You will also be taught the basics of kayaking and windsurfing and given equipment and then, you will have a session of PEEP protection. But the activities are extremely fun. You will receive intensive training about how both activities should be carried out and will also be taught how to make a kayak and then learn the methodology and dynamics of windsurfing.

Cost for Kayaking and Windsurfing: INR 15,000 per adult. It also includes camps and other inclusions.

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4. Paragliding in Mahabaleshwar


You have a lot of options for paragliding in Mahabaleshwar. When you are gliding, you can see beautiful views from above. When paragliding, you must ensure that the weather conditions. The main place for paragliding in Panchgani which is 19 km from Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is known as the best place for paragliding in Maharashtra and paragliding is one of the best Mahabali adventure sports. Clear sky, air is also favorable for this place. Some of the most famous places to do paragliding are in Bhilar, Khinger, Tapola. When you are paragliding here you will definitely have a blissful experience. Typically, you are paragliding at an altitude of 4000 feet to 5000 feet above the ground. You can enjoy the views from here and just enjoy the view of that idyllic bird of Panchgani. The paragliding guide here ensures that I have maximum safety and no limitations here.

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5. Tandem Jump

Tandem jump

image Source

This is a type of paragliding in which you can get started and if you want to try medium level Mahabaleshwar adventure games. You will be accompanied by a well trained pilot or guide. So what you basically do is that you scramble for safety through a special tandem with the pilot and then it keeps you firm in the air. While gliding, you can enjoy the entire ride while the entire piling is done by a specialist with you. You do not need to worry about any prior experience as it is purely for beginners.

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6. Solo Jump

Solo jump from the sky

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When you want to paraglide, you will do so either because you are experienced or a beginner. If you are experienced, you can do a solo jump which is one of the most exciting adventure activities in Mahabaleshwar. But, before doing so, you should produce a certificate that you have trained in single flights. If you are interested in becoming a single glider, they offer great courses here too. You also have some basic and advanced courses here. All paragliding activities usually do not exceed 30 minutes.

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7. Water sports in Mahabaleshwar

Water sports

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Therefore, water connectivity and other water related activities take place in Mahabaleshwar and are actually some of the adventure sports taking place in Mahabaleshwar. With your peers you can enjoy water activities like rappelling, water zorbing. A campsite is a wonderful place and you will be able to do a bunch of very cool activities here. You will have kitchen gardening, morning nature walk, water rappelling, commando line crossing, kitchen garden, organic farming and other fun activities that you will love to do. You also have other team activities such as obstacle course, trust walk, rope course, rock climbing, and waterfall rappelling. However, waterfall erosion is only seasonal.

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So, these are some of our suggestions and recommendations on what are some of the best adventure activities in Mahabaleshwar that you can try. You can plan the trip accordingly and thus, if you can find more space, please let us know in the comments. Apart from this, you can also try offbeat adventure activities. So, plan your trip to Maharastrasana and have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Sports in Mahabaleshwar

Q. What is a special Mahabaleshwar?

a. Mahabaleshwar as we know is called heaven in India. It is a hill station in the Sahyadri range of Maharashtra. It is one of the best and popular tourist destinations in India. You will love the goodness of the people and the greenery of the place. The mesmerizing views of the climbing peaks and entire forests can make you fall in love with this place again that you would like to visit at any moment.

Q. What are the things to see in Mahabaleshwar?

a. Many things are seen in Mahabaleshwar. You have Venna Lake. This is the most visited place, you have a Mapro garden that grows strawberries and you can also do strawberry picking. You have Pratapgad Fort, Lingmala Falls, Elephant’s Head Point which is the famous needlepoint, Mini Kashmir- a hamlet for special tourist destinations.

Q. What can we buy in Mahabaleshwar?

a. You can buy strawberries and they are very famous here. Strawberries and cream are available in almost every other store. You also have strawberries and black raspberries. If you like handicrafts, then the wooden handicrafts here are simply amazing. There are also sugarcane items. You have about 100 varieties of juices and syrups. You can also shop for farm-fresh carrots and radishes.

Q. How to reach Mahabaleshwar?

a. Mahabaleshwar is located in Maharashtra and is easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune. You can take flights from both the airports: Mumbai and Pune. The nearest airport is Pune Airport, although it is about 120 km from Mahabaleshwar. Mumbai Airport is 270 km away. You can also take the train to Pune, you will have taxis or public buses which can take you to Mahabaleshwar.

Q. Which is better Mahabaleshwar or Panchgani?

a. Both are extremely popular hill stations and provide loads of scenic beauty. But, Panchgani is peaceful and most of the adventure activities take place in Mahabaleshwar and there are more beautiful places to visit.

Q. What is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar?

a. From March to June, this is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar. Although the temperature rises, it is still very pleasant here. Apparently, it is also a popular tourist season. There is heavy rainfall from June to September.

Q. Can you find good accommodation in Mahabaleshwar?

a. As you know this is a place to visit with tourists all year round, so here you will find a lot of budget stay, hotels, accommodation and world class houses. You will find that the budget to stay here is residential, so staying here is not a problem.

Q. Which are the best adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar?

a. You can do a lot of adventure sports in Mahabaleshwar and most of them take place in Panchgani. Panchgani is known as the Mini Switzerland of India and this place is the perfect place to see or do some of the best activities here. Make sure you are going in the right season so that the weather conditions are perfect for the action holiday you wanted.



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