Best Christmas Markets

Best Christmas Markets in the World

Best Christmas Markets: Hello December, Hello Christmas. Around this magical time of the year, cities and towns across the world brighten you with spectacular Xmas lightings and decorations. Yes it’s that time of the year again. As Christmas is approaching better way to infuse a little tradition and magic into your holiday is by attending a delightful Christmas market. The Santa Claus comes to fulfil your wishes. Christmas trees beautify every corner of the streets and homes. The beauty of the annual Christian festival can be observed in at these colourful and vibrant markets.

So if you are planning to travel during this Christmas break, here’s a list of the best Christmas markets in the world.That are worth adding to you travel itinerary.

Best Christmas Markets
Best Christmas Markets

Helsinki Finland- Helsinki Christmas Market

Ask any Finn and they’ll proudly claim that Santa Claus- the one and only one comes from Finland. In the Helsinki Christmas Market on Senate Square, you’ll get to meet him in person. In fact he makes the effort to turn up on a daily basis, so make sure to polish off that wish list. Once you’ve place your orders get yourself a nice glass of glogo. Warming mulled wine and feel the Christmas spirit rise. If this doesn’t work, the brass bands, twinkling Christmas lights and a ride on the antique Dutch carousal certainly will.

Dresden GermanyDresdner Striezelmarkt:

The oldest in Germany, Dresden’s Christmas market has been going strong for almost 600 years. Craftsmen from the region flock to its 250 stalls, offering anything from wooden ornaments and nut crackers to tradional candle pyramids. Strietzekmarkt boast the world largest Christmas arch and has a kid’s adventure world with a puppet theatre, merry go round and children’s railway.

Grand Christmas market, Montreal Canada

Brings everything you can possibly ask for, from food trucks to chilled beverages and delicious desserts. Fun filled activities in the form of interactive displays, concerts, karaoke and choirs are conducted for spectators. Children can enjoy by going for the elves workshop, Santa’s sleigh and igloo put forth exclusively for them. And to add to all the fun they can have their photo clicked with Santa.

Riga Latvia

The old town the Latvian capital’s main Christmas market is a page out of a children fairy tale. It is located in the cathedral Square at the heart of Riga’s historical centre an art nouveau pearl that doubles as a Unesco World Heritage Site. This market is crammed with local handcrafts- candlesticks in Latvian wood, wax candle and hand-knitted winter gear to mention a few. Get all warm and fuzzy on mulled wine, while nibbling roasted almonds or enjoying some glazed ginger bread. Make sure to try the local smoked meat and take home a glass of the famous Latvian honey.

Krakow Poland

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in Poland and the Christmas markets are the perfect place to feel the magic of the season while spending time with friends and family. Throughout the month of December the Krakow Christmas market opens at the city’s main square of Rynek Glowny. It is a place for admiring handmade Krakow gifts, listening to Christmas carols and snapping photos of gorgeous winter decoration. If you want to be as traditional as Poles, you should try all 12 dishes served on Christmas Eve. Symbolising the 12 apostles as well as the 12 months of the year.

Basel Christmas market Switzerland

Is the biggest Christmas market. The Basel Christmas Market presents over 100 artistically adorned stalls and wooden chalets. Selling Christmas gifts and culinary delights, you can relish hot chocolates, waffles, Basler lackerli biscuits and grilled sausages. One can write what they desire in the wish book kept at the town hall courtyard. Museum in different parts of the city hold exhibitions for the interested individuals.

So pack your best scarves and gloves and hop on a plane to these festive celebration

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