Best Holidays In February

Best Holidays In February in India and International

Best Holidays In February in India and International

A great month to begin your travel is in February. It is the time when winter welcomes the refreshing and lively spring season. The Caribbean and Southeast Asia weather are beautiful to enjoy carnivals, street parties, island getaways, and archaeological discovery. With Valentine’s Day in, it makes a perfect month for couples to travel and spend some time together.

Now let’s take a closer look at February. As we bid goodbye to those January blues, you might want to spend your weekend, week or couple of weeks away, whether you’re in Zanzibar’s beautiful beaches, dancing at the Rio Carnival, spotting the whales along the coast of Mexico or discovering the origins of Buddhism in Srilanka.

Best Holidays In February
Best Holidays In February

Here are a list of places to visit in February in India and international countries with family and friends.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places to travel in February. That’s when the weather is perfect throughout the whole country. It’s the end of summer. So it’s warm and sunny, and it isn’t too rainy. The best thing though is that school starts in February, so it’s not high season anymore, being a little bit cheaper and less crowded.

Try swimming in one of the pristine beaches, kayak with fur seals in Kaikoura, doing SUP in the stunning Lake Wanaka, snorkeling in Bay of islands, rafting in Queenstown or crossing one active volcano at the Tongariro crossing. Try tasting fish and chips in one of the stunning parks.

Goa, India

Goa is among the first place to visit in February in India. This magical place never fails to amaze you. November to January is the peak months for business in Goa, but February is when the crowd goes away. But Goa is a charming month of the year during this time. The entire state looks like a colorful stage during the Carnival in February.

Winter fun in Hokkaido Japan:

If you want to dive into winter the northernmost Island of Hokkaido in Japan, then it is a great place to consider. In February it snows in Hokkaido Japan, and the city of Sapporo celebrates with a weeklong festival featuring spectacular sculpture made of ice and snow. Elsewhere you can take advantage of ski resorts and relax in the hot springs resorts known in Japanese as ‘Onsen”.


Missed the snowfall of this winter? Don’t get upset; it snows in Gulmarg in February too. It is one of the most popular and prime skiing destinations in the entire world. Gulmarg is heaven especially for those who want to go skiing in February. You can book your stay at Khyber resort, which offers a stunning view of the snow-covered Himalayas and alpine forests.


Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii is located on the south shore of the island of Oahu. The city’s Waikiki neighborhood is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Island chain with a beautiful crescent-shaped beach, world-class dining, shopping, and nightlife. You’ll also find Diamond Head Crater nearby. February is a great time to visit because of the warm temperatures at the beaches and less rainfall than other winter months. February also sees a below average number of visitors to Honolulu which may convert to lower hotel prices.

Seychelles- the Sabbatical Guide:

If you are looking for one of the best places to travel in February this year, then Seychelles might be the perfect place for you. It’s the closest place I’ve ever found to paradise- rightly earning its new nickname as “The Garden of Eden’. Along the coastline you’ll discover idyllic palm-backed beaches lapped by spearmint green waters, none of which would look out of place in a National Geographic article. The food is super tasty and cheap. February is one of the hottest months of the year with average temperatures around 28 degrees at the end of the month rainy season starts.


February is a beautiful time to visit Tasmania. The weather’s great, but you will miss the crowd that visits during the busy holiday period between December and late January. Accommodation is plenty with a drop in price. A trip to Tasmania is enjoying outdoor activities. It’s particularly good time to head out onto the hiking trails such as the world-class tracks at Cradle Mountain or the Walls of Jerusalem.


While most cities relax during winter, Berlin stays busy as always. This city never sleeps, not even in February. The entire town goes out to enjoy when it snows in winter. Because of the many things to do in Berlin and the fantastic public transport, even wintery situations won’t seem like a big deal on your city trips.

Montego Bay Jamaica:

Even in high season like this in February Montego Bay is one of the better budget-friendly choices in the Caribbean. The large and busy airport here has relatively cheap nonstop flights from many significant hunts in North America and envy in Europe. It’s one of the most accessible Caribbean resorts for anyone to reach.

Ludhiana Punjab:

Here’s one thing that you should do in February is to visit Ludhiana. Enough of spending money on International fests. This February one should enjoy a slice of some DESI fun. For those who do not understand the term DESI, it is calling oneself ‘Traditional.’ In February, Kila Raipur Rural Olympics takes place some 15 km away from Ludhiana.

It is one of the happening sports events in Punjab. During that time they have exciting activities like a dog race, horse dance, camel race, tractor race, and a tug-of-war. The highlight of the event, however, is the bullock cart race and unusual activities like lifting bicycles with teeth, pulling cars with teeth or ears or riding a bike ringed with a burning tire.

Nasik “The vineyard city”:

Nasik is the ideal place to visit in February for those looking for a non-convenient holiday in India. Enjoy camping in proximity to the large grape vineyard and shall be a part of an eclectic mix of activities like music, food, and wine. It is a place not to miss out.

If you have travel plans in February, you are going to attain a lifetime experience. There are many events and festivals. And to get the maximum of this eventful month all you need to do is to choose from the list that is provided.

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