Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park In Scotland: A Traveler’s Paradise

Cairngorm National Park is the largest in Scotland and one of the most beautiful parks in the British Isles. The park consists of magnificent Cairngorms mountain range and the surrounding hills. The beautiful Rothiemurchus forest, left the Caledonian forest last today There are also a part of Cairngorms. The park has quaint villages and exotic wildlife that attract travelers from far and wide. It also has three ski centers, making it a popular winter destination!

Cairngorms National Park Facts

place: Scotland
Area: 4,528 km sq
Installation: 2003
National Park Animals: Capercaillie, Crested Tit, Scott Crossbill, Dotterel, Snow Bunting, Golden Eagle, Lapwing, Pine Marten, Ptarmigan and Red Squirrel

Best Time to Visit Cairngorms National Park

Best Time to Visit Cairngorms National Park

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Cairngorms are a year round, but the best time to visit is from mid-February to October as temperatures are slightly higher than the peak winter months. The weather at Cairngorms National Park is truly extreme during the months of November to January and the days are shorter, leaving fewer hours available for visitors to explore.

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How to reach Cairngorms

How to reach Cairngorms

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By air: Cairngorms receive regular arrivals of both direct and connecting flights from around the world at its two illustrious international airports – Glasgow Airport and Aberdeen International Airport. In addition, Inverness Domestic Airport is only a 1.5-hour flight from London.
by Rail: The park has unprecedented rail services, connecting the park to the surrounding cities. Trains run east from Aberdeen to Royal Deeside. Keirgorms National Park trains on the west side of the park cross stations of Delphini, Newtonmore, Kingsie, Avimore and Carr-Bridge.
from the way: Express coaches are operating from London to the park and local buses from neighboring cities. Private cars can also be hired to reach Cairngorms Park.

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Cairngorms National Park Map

Things to do in Cairngorms National Park

Wondering what to do once you are here? Here are some Cairngorms National Park activities that you can do together with your best friends or family:

1. Visit Rothiemarchs Forest

Rothimarches Forest

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It is the only forest that inhabits the once beautiful Caledonian forest in the Cairngorms of the present-day Scottish Highlands. Enjoy Cothermoms National Park Walk around here in Rothiemchurchs and relax yourself in the beautiful green environment of these exotic woodlands. The Rothiemarchs are home to the Forest, Osprey, Scottish Crossbill, Speracalli and Crested Tite.

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2. Explore Highland Wildlife Park

Explore Highland Wildlife Park

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Located within the Cairngorms, Highland Wildlife Park is a safari park spread over 260 acres. It is easy to reach here as one can drive through the main reserve and explore the rest of the zoo. Take a stroll in the park to see Scottish wildlife and some endangered species. The place has satirical trogopans and the magnificent Eurasian Eagle Owl.

3. Cross the city of Aviemore

Visit the city of Aviemore

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Located in the Scottish Highlands of Cairngorm, Aviemore is a famous holiday destination visited by travelers. The scenic hilly trails are picturesque and you can experience the best of hiking Cairgoorms National Park in Aviemore. Enjoy walking, climbing and hiking during the summer and snowsports in the winter months. Among the wildlife you can see Scottish wildcats and snakeraeli birds here.

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4. Ride Cairngorms Funicular

Ride Cairngorms Funicular

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The Cairngorm Mountain Railway runs a 2 km long fanstick on the northern slopes of Cairn Gorm. The path to Funtique runs through the park giving a picture-postcard view of the quaint atmosphere. The railway is the highest in the United Kingdom, making it one of the top Cairngorm National Park attractions. Enjoy a ride along the sights of Scotland.

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5. Camp in the park

Camp in the park

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If you want the camping experience of the Kyrgorms National Park, the best time to visit is during the late spring falls by October. The accommodation views of Cairngorms National Park are hassle-free as the park has some beautiful campsites. One of these is Athol Estate and camping here comes with its privileges. The campsite has scenic forest trails for hunters to explore and charges for Blair Castle and its gardens are low. Other camp sites are at Rothiemarchs and Nethi Bridge.

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Already packed your bags? Start planning your trip to Scotland and enjoy sightseeing, camping, hiking and Scottish wildlife in Cairngorm National Park.

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