Petra, Jordan

Explore Amazing Destination of Jordon

Explore Amazing Destination of Jordon

Jordon: Exploring a destination while on the trip could give travelers the excitement and the knowledge of a country intending to be explored.  While visiting a place like Jordon, The traveler obtains insight into its history, culture, and tradition of the people living in the country.

`Jordon’ is one of those destinations with significant variances and history and is also considered to be one of the friendliest states for travelers.

There are various exciting sites to be explored which will give immense thrills to travelers while navigating and getting some insights on this fantastic place.

Travelers have frequented Jordon due to its World Heritage sites, breathtaking desert landscapes, and friendly people. Jordon has ample of knowledge in its ancient history and is also one of the expensive destinations.

Middle East

It comprises of an area of around 35,475sq miles and is located at the center of the Middle East having its northern border with Syria, southern and eastern borders with Saudi Arabia, eastern border with Iraq and western edge with the Jordon river, the Dead Sea and Israel.

Its seaport is the port of Aqaba.  It is located around 1,345 feet below sea level wherein the resorts there gives way to beach access and Central Eastern cuisines together with treatments comprising of the mineral-rich black soil.

Jordon comprises of rich valleys, desolate deserts together with sand mountains and colorful rocks.  Some of the exciting sites which can be explored are:


Petra Jordon

Petra had been unidentified for ages till a Swiss explorer located it in 1812. Its amazing hand-carved architecture is said to be one of the main attractions of Jordon which is also considered as a UNESCO Heritage Site.

This beautiful city of Petra had been built by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years back. The Nabataeans had amazing skills which are seen on their carving in more than  3,000 dwellings, altars banquet halls, temples, storerooms, stables as well as the tombs made of red ochre and rose-hued sandstone and their planned techniques of carrying spring water to a population of almost 20,000.

The travelers can approach Petra through the neighboring town of Wadi Musa which is also said to be a transport and accommodation center.

Wadi Rum

This huge desert valley along with its spiraling columns, for almost a century, had been intimately connected with T.E. Lawrence. An indication that this place had been inhabited for several years is seen through signs of petroglyphs that have been carved in the soft red sandstone of the cliffs and is also recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wadi Rum Europe
Wadi Rum Europe

Travelers should not miss on the opportunity of living in some of the several economic Bedouin guest camps there, where the accommodation tends to be modest, comfortable and hygienic. The cuisines are filled with amazing grilled meat and vegetable to relish on.

Another intriguing thrill for travelers to watch the sunrise along with a camel ride which will provide the tourist with an experience of a lifetime.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

The Dana Biosphere Reserve is said to be the largest reserve in the country which is 119 square miles of rugged limestone, granite together with sandstone cliffs and reaches to almost 5,000 feet below the valley level while some also tend to reach below sea level.

The travelers here can have a fantastic expedition which is exceptional in spite of the rough surroundings.  Moreover, it is also home to wildlife such as the Nubian ibex, lynx-like caracal and is also one of the world’s most significant breeding inhabitants of Syrian serin a kind of a flinch.

Dana Biosphere Reserve
Dana Biosphere Reserve

The nighttime ambiance here is incredible, and if one has the opportunity of visiting this place, they could try Feynan Ecolodge which is an excellent resort generating its solar power.

The water is supplied from a natural spring, and since there is no lighting besides the candles, one can experience a charismatic aura of a relaxed holiday in the serenity of an excellent location amid candle lighting.

Dead Sea

This legendary location in history has brought numerous travelers to explore this location encamping in the resorts that tend to be around the lake to mark themselves with the mineral-laden mud from their head to their toes.

Dead Sea
Dead Sea

The shore of the lake is said to be the lowest land point in the world which is 1,407 feet below sea level.  Moreover, travelers can wade in and enjoy a float which seems a bit difficult since the water contents are high in salt, keeping the swimmer bobbing on the surface. It is also said to be one of the world’s most hyper-saline atmosphere.


Amman is said to be the capital of Jordon and is one of the lengthiest incessantly inhabited cities in the world.  Considered to be a modern city of over four million, it has maintained its ancient past though it has embraced the twenty-first century.

Owing to the people of this region who studied and worked in the U.S. Canada as well as Europe before coming back to their country, Amman is now one of the most Westernized cities in the Middle East.


The travelers will find the ancient ruins of the Citadel on the hilltop which are in the heart of downtown, comprising of colonnaded Temple of Hercules that had been designed by the Romans and the Byzantine church which has its unexplained beauty.

You will come across the Roman theatre just below, across a busy thoroughfare, which is a few feet away from the busy marketplaces.

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is not precisely a high mount, at 2,680 feet though it had a vast expanse of views. This place is presumed to be where Moses had been shown by God, the Promised Land and was also probably buried.

Mount Nebo
Mount Nebo

Presently this site is said to be a popular site of interest having an excavated fourth-century church, together with the small museum and an olive-tree shaded garden.

The travelers can get the views of the Jordon Valley and the Dead Sea below.   The travelers could also see Jericho, Bethlehem as well as the rooftops of Jerusalem in the distance during clear weather.


Jerash is about thirty miles north of Amman and is considered to be the best well maintained Roman provincial cities.

Several indications of people living there many years ago are present there, and this city was established by Alexander the Great around 331 B.C. The travelers exploring this site can experience the amazing charm.


According to the authorities, though it has been assessed that only one-fourth of the site had been excavated, most of the ruin tend to stretch across huge areas comprising of the colonnaded Main Street, Hippodrome, and oval forum together with the remarkable Arch of Hadrian.


Aqaba is the only coastal city in this region, and it is one of those places where the travelers can go for a swim and have a relaxed stay with several five-star resorts scattered along the vicinity.

It is also reported that some fifty years back Jordan had struck a deal with the Saudis for seven miles of coastline towards the south of the port of Aqaba to gain access to the Yamani coral reef, for a perfect, lovely scuba dive as well as a diving attraction for the travelers visiting this location.

Qasr Amra

Qasr Amra is around 50 miles towards the east of Amman and though it does not tend to be a very eye-catching site, all that is left of its complex structure as a playground for caliphs in the early 8th century is its modest architecture.


However, in its interior, you will come across frescoes paintings on the walls as well as the ceiling of their halls and rooms.  Their baths portray their daily living, depicting fanciful tales conveyed in a manner untold of that time.

It is said that the first Islamic restriction had come upon completion of images of paintings of naked women; music-playing animals together with zodiac symbols and the same had to be demolished.

However, the Qasr Amra had gone unnoticed and survived and is now communally protected and maintained as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to be explored by the travelers

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