Welcome to the High Arctic of Svalbard! – Visit Svalbard

Welcome to the High Arctic of Svalbard! – Visit Svalbard

Svalbard is one of the world’s largest untouched wilderness areas, and it is precisely this vast area of raw and untamed nature that many find so alluring. The chance to get out of Longyearbyen and explore this Arctic wilderness is many people’s primary motivation for visiting the Svalbard Archipelago. Big cruise ships visit Svalbard to enjoy different attractions.

Svalbard has much to offer than unusual nature, whether you fancy a challenging multi-day expedition in the wilderness or a happy urban weekend with a good dose of culture food and drink. The best part of all is that you can pick and choose between the various offers to create your perfect Svalbard experience.


Svalbard’s unique animal life is well worth experiencing. If you have dreamt of having a close–up encounter with a walrus or experiencing the world’ largest mammal- the majestic whale, you can get a panoramic view from the boat. One can also photograph the walruses laying and rolling on the beach.

What to take to Svalbard

What to take to Svalbard: You’ll need a 60-liter backpack to carry a kit. Though the snowmobiling company provides thermal suits, neck warmers, helmets and now boots, you’ll need your stuff for the rest of the time you’re there. Remember that camera batteries die quickly in a cold climate. Take your driving license for snowmobiling.

Svalbard’s make it the perfect place for seeing the Northern lights. If you arrive during the Polar Night winter season, there is a solid chance of seeing this beautiful phenomenon in the flesh.

Dog sledding

Dog sledding is another form of transportation in the area. Every place that is perpetually under snow has developed a transport system in which dogs can drive small carts or sleds. A tourist can enjoy their ride by driving his or her sledge. Besides riding dog sleds, you can also take part in activities like riding snowmobiles, hiking, skiing, riding a horse in the summertime, riding a kayak, etc. Tourist is made to a different place in transport like boats or kayaks to visit attraction like fjords.

Svalbard Dog sledding
Svalbard Dog sledding

Ice cave visit

Svalbard’s glacier contains countless passages formed by the melted waters leading to the fascinating ice cave.

You can enter this calm and silent world equipped with a headlamp, crampons and a helmet and see the beautiful blue colors, icicles and snow crystals. There are several ways to reach the ice caves. A team of huskies will take you by sled to the ice cave and wait patiently outside until you are finished exploring. Other options include driving a snowmobile or being driven in a snowcat.

If you are an outdoor person, camping in Svalbard is perfect for you. Listen to the Arctic silence while falling asleep. Wake up to the magnificent attic landscape just outside your tent. The airport is very close to the camping ground. One can also camp out in the wilderness but beware of the rules and regulation regarding your safety.

Svalbard Polar Nights
Svalbard Polar Nights

Everyone in Svalbard drives snowmobiles. Snowmobile allows you to feel the freedom of covering a large area in a short space of time. You will experience the silence and darkness of the Polar Night as the magical Northern Lights dances over your head. Enjoy two days of pure nature with a sporty touch.

When the best season to visit Svalbard

When the best season to visit Svalbard is an often asked question. Each season has its unique charms and characteristic.  The best time to see polar bears is in summer between May and September. In the summer the sun does not set for four months.  During these months the ice melts enough for ships to be able to navigate the still icy waters and explore all the wildlife there.

A polar bear is the first wildlife of this snow-covered place. Tourists are taken to places from where they can enjoy seeing the polar bear moving or eating fishes from the sea. Tourist can photograph these animals too.

Svalbard Best Season to visit
Svalbard Best Season to visit

So visit this beautiful frozen landscape and be captivated by the beauty in the ancient ice.

Is Svalbard a Country?

In the start, Svalbard was a pristine and gorgeous wilderness. Svalbard is a type of insurance policy for different genebanks. Svalbard is quite a special portion of Norway. Svalbard is a sizable northern archipelago and a portion of Svalbard and Jan Mayen region. Svalbard isn’t a place that you want to get stuck or run into problems. As you can picture, visiting Svalbard isn’t an inexpensive undertaking.

Apply now in case you love polar bears and can stand still for long stretches of time. A polar bear is observed in distance. As there is not as much pack ice than in winter, polar bears are normally in more concentrated places.

Norway is quite a mountainous country which causes great climatic variation. It argues the Arctic is an area of cooperation rather than conflict. If it is the only country you’re venturing to or if you plan to visit other European countries as well, it will be handy to know the other Schengen countries so you will know what kind of Schengen Visa to apply for. It has several preserved and protected wildlife frontiers that can be visited by many tourists to see some of the most endangered species in the world. It is considered the third richest country in the world. It may have the job for you.

Does anyone live on Svalbard?

If you still need to reside in Norway after reading all the above then there are a number of other qualities that you have to be a survivor of Norway. Norway is surely a breathtaking country to reside in when it has to do with scenery. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and at the beginning, you’ll feel like booking the next flight out of there. Fortunately, if you’re in Oslo, the Grnland markets can supply you with your foreign wants, at a reduced price, and frequently, with better quality.

An information process is understood to be the software that can help organize and analyze data. It is the software that helps organize and analyze data. Rather, it’s a general-purpose information system.

Svalbard Polar Bear
Svalbard Polar Bear

Moving to Svalbard is an enticing thought for quite a few, but the reality may be a true challenge. For travelers that are attracted to the ends of the planet, the Norwegian islands of Svalbard have a particular allure. That means you’ll do more than just find a place, you will live it.

Life can be very difficult for new movers should they don’t have a job. Physical life in Norway is a good deal harder than other nations. An excellent job Work will supply you with essential money and social contact. So long as you own a job in the nation, you will be fine however big your tax rate is.

Do they speak English in Svalbard?

The official language is Norwegian. However, nearly everyone speaks English. In Barentsburg Russian and Ukrainian are spoken.

When you would like to fire someone for something as specific as not having the ability to speak English, make certain you’ve got good documentation as to why it’s necessary for the job. English is among the most commonly spoken languages on Earth. English is among the most frequently spoken languages around the Earth, in actuality, when people who speak various languages come together they frequently speak English.

If you choose to go to Norway, make certain to bring a lot of money! If you still wish to reside in Norway after reading all the above then there are a number of other qualities that you need to be a survivor of Norway. Norway is a monarchy and people are actually aware that it’s a monarchy. It is certainly a breathtaking country to live in when it comes to scenery. It is one of the most wonderful places in the world.

Icelandic Online

Svalbard is one of the biggest and most influential countries in the world. It is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and at the beginning, you’ll feel like booking the next flight out of there.

You need to learn the language whether you need to or not, whether you own talent for it or not. It’s possible for you to begin learning the language before arriving in the nation, with free courses like Icelandic Online. Language Knowing the language will provide you a lot greater employment alternatives. Read more Starting to learn a foreign language whenever you are over age 18 is infinitely harder than should you start as a youthful child or even better, a baby. Starting to learn a foreign language when you’re over age 18 is infinitely harder than should you start as a youthful child or even better, a baby.


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