Lithuania Surprising Place

Lithuania Surprising Place For the budding travellers

Lithuania Surprising Place For the budding travellers

With its thriving art scene, spectacular dunes and fascinating baroque architecture, Lithuania the Euro zone’s newest member is an excellent place to visit, and it is full of surprises.

Lithuania was the first country in the Soviet Republic to leave the USSR in 1990 and from that time it has been trying to re-establish itself in its own right ever since. There are many relics of the Soviet period such as bunkers and museums, but you will also find a whole lot more in the country, including beautiful churches, monasteries and palaces.

Lithuania Surprising Place
Lithuania Surprising Place

Several spots in the country and UNESCO World Heritage Sites and wherever you choose to go you will find winding cobbled streets, charming local markets and impressive red brick architecture. Peppered with lakes forests and beautiful national parks the largest of the Baltic States is a heaven for nature aficionados yet has enough castle and museum to keep  culture and history lovers enthralled for years. The fascinating local saps and delicious beer make the country a true stress melting treat.

Here are some places no one should miss when visiting Lithuania.

Take a trip to Trakai

Trakai is a lake resort and historically important city that sits close to Vilnius and makes a nice date trip if you are looking to get out of town. One of the main sights in the city is the Island castle which is also the host of the Trakai Castle festival and the entire town is surrounded by pretty water. There are 200 lakes to enjoy during the warmer months.

Observation of boat trip

The city of Trakai magically charms everyone who visits it. Beautiful nature, quietly rippling lake and magnificent Trakai castle, makes relaxation exclusive. Boat trip is the first step to discover one of the best known historical cities of Lithuania- Trakai. Rediscover the legendry cities surrounded by many lakes. The observational boat cruise is a unique opportunity for those that want to get away from the city routine and see the beautiful city of Trakai.

When sailing you will observe the Trakai castle, witness the great Uzutrakis earl J Tiskevicius palace and admire the magnificent view of your surroundings. Great sensations and good mood is guaranteed. After the pleasant boat trip surrounded by nature, Karaites food will be waiting for you in “The Royal Old Kybyn inn”.

Romantic dinner above the clouds in the TV tower restaurant

Vilnius TV tower and legendry “Pauksciu Takas “are the places close to heaven. A romantic evening with your loved one can be enjoyed with a view of the spectacular sunset and unique panorama of the city or charming city night lights. You will have dinner in 165 meters height in the TV tower restaurants “Pauksciu takas” during the evening.

You will savour the chef’s pride and fantastic tasty dishes. Choose visitor’s favourite beef steak, enjoy the taste of homemade blueberry sorbet balls, handmade truffles with dried plums or other dishes. Romantic restaurant atmosphere and unique views will make your night unforgettable.

Windsurfing adventures

Windsurfing adventures at Lake Plateliai is the biggest water reservoir in the low lands of Lithuania. It offers the perfect playground for many water activities. The main area of focus is the exhilarating riding on water activity. Windsurfing has been crafted in this scenic spot since 1951 when the original Yatch club was established to promote the sport. Apart from windsurfing, diving activities, yachts kayaks and pedalos are available onsite. Lastly to unwind soak your sore muscles in a steamy sauna.

Lithuanian Outdoor adventures in the river

Lithuanians seem to have taken big interest in Kayaking in the last few years. Where a river runs there will be businesses promoting activities in the river. Rivers Minija, Zvelsa, Akmena are just some of the names to look out for when planning your kayaking adventures.

Dance on the sand dunes

The southern stretch of Lithuania’s Baltic Sea coastline is a narrow, long-running sandbar. The Curonian Spit extends some 60 km south of the town of Klaipeda all the way to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. It’s a lonely but yet a beautiful strip of land topped by dunes and pines and surrounded by tiny charming village like Nida at the southern end. In summer the beaches come alive with merrymakers.

Have a spa session in Neringa

Neringa is located in the Curonian Spit National Park and is primarily known for being a scenic spa town. The reason for this is the waters of the Baltic Sea which flow here and which are said to be rich in healing minerals that can treat a range of illnesses. Visitors from all over Lithuania flock here for the spa treatments and the area is surrounded by sandy beaches and majestic sand dunes.

Countryside tourism farmsteads

The essence of Lithuania can be enjoyed at one of its countless Countryside tourism farmsteads. Routine activities have become recreation for city dwellers like the traditional Baltic bathhouses, lakeside fun (boating, swimming angling) horse riding, animal contact and others depending on the farmstead.

Nightlife in Lithuania

Nightlife in Lithuania is mainly of two components clubs and casinos. And both of them tend to involve as many guests as possible using the tactics of theory competitors. Casinos often organise different concerts and you can see playing machines in many night clubs. In Lithuania, life at night is more interesting than it is during the day. At night the streets of Vilnius becomes colourful, stylish and very open to smiles, new acquaintances, stories and heartfelt conversations. Casinos in Vilnius are the richest.

Sunbathing at one of Lithuania’s Gender segregated naturist beaches is a must do an activity.

Where to stay in Lithuania

Accommodation options are the most extensive in the Lithuania’s main cities (Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda). It may be wise to anchor your trip there as the selection is great indeed, from youth hostels with shared bathrooms to five star chain of hotels. The hotels are given stars based on them having certain amenities and not on the quality of such amenities.

Resort towns are another good option to stay at.

There are the most hotels in Palanga, followed by Neringa and Druskininkai.

Another option is the so-called countryside tourism sites. These ranges from basic farmstead accommodation to fancy hotels built in the landscape rather than cities or towns. The activities there may include horseback riding, a traditional sauna, and so on.

Eat a Zeppelin

A visit to Lithuania would be incomplete without sampling some of the native cooking. The favourite main course would probably be a cepelinai –nicknamed a ‘Zeppelin because of its elongated oval shape. Taste the big potato dumplings stuffed with meat or occasionally curd cheese and serviced with sour cream and crispy bits of cubed bacon.  Don’t miss the unpronounceable saltibarsciai a cold sup of minced beets cucumber and a hardboiled egg.

In short Lithuania’s charms are quirky, unforgettable and often very beautiful.

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