New Orleans

New Orleans: One of the World’s Most Fascinating Cities

New Orleans – Ethnically & Historically Rich

New Orleans: Tourists interested in culture, food and music should not miss on the opportunity of exploring New Orleans which has immense excitement while visiting this fascinating destination. New Orleans is said to be one o the most ethnically and historically rich location of America.New Orleans is noted for his Creole Culture together with its vibrant history.

The Carnival traditions of New Orleans are said to have ancient roots in Spanish and French Catholicism together with African and native American traditions.

The oldest social clubs hosting the several Mardi Gras parades and balls in New Orleans had been formed much before 1860. Visitors can look forward toa real exciting vacation where they can experience their rich cuisine, the various festivals that come up blended with live music and several more exciting moments which are on-going all through the year.

Region of Festive Spirit

New Orleans is said to be the Festival Capital of the world having several festivals with the combination of unique food, mind-blowing music together with multicultural heritage all through the year.  It is a destination where one will find plenty of music and dancing and the festive spirit could be very contagious drawing one and all into the spirit of fun and enjoyment. Visitors are offered a display of colourful events often at weekends most of which are said to be free of cost.

Established by French/Ruled by Spanish

New Orleans is located on the curve of the Mississippi River which is around 100 miles from its entrance and is the main city of Louisiana and the busiest north port of the Gulf of Mexico from early 1700.  This city had been established by the French and was ruled by the Spanish for forty years.

The following are some of the various festivals which come up every weekend, weekday, all through the day and night.  The visitors can indulge in their festive moods and get to know their culture and traditions of New Orleans:

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

This festival known by the locals as Jazz Fest is celebrated in honour of the unique culture and heritage of New Orleans and Louisiana.Visitors will find never ending music, delicious local and regional food together with unique handmade crafts and arts.  There is always something for all those participating in the festive spirit.

French Quarter Festival

You will find some of the finest food, music and fun filled atmosphere which is a three-day weekend event.  Music lovers will enjoy the traditional and contemporary jazz, Latin, blues and rhythm, Cajun and zydeco, New Orleans mood, swing, rock, classical, international and the various assorted sounds which are part of this celebration.

Essence Festival

This festival also known as `the party with a purpose’ is said to be an annual music festival that had begun in 1995 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Essence – a magazine for African-American women.  It is the biggest celebration of African-American culture and music of United States.

Interesting New Orleans Tours

Besides the festivals there are also various tours to entice the visitors on the interesting places to explore and have a memorable stay in New Orleans. Some of which worth mentioning are:

Plantation Tours– South Louisiana is famous for its amazing antebellum architecture with numerous plantation homes which can be reached in an hours’ drive from New Orleans. One can view rows of oak trees towards the Mississippi River from the plantation home where the architecture together with the splendour of the homes is awesome.

Swamp Tours – The visitors engaged in this tour gets the opportunity of watching regional wildlife such as the alligators, snakes and many more creatures. This can be undertaken with groups and tour by boat or visitors could meet at the dock and then provision is made for transport to the sites.

Cemetery Tours – The cemeteries in New Orleans are decorative, momentous and trendy and have housed several popular personalities.  On exploring the tourists will get more insight on this interesting site.

French Quarter Tours also known as the Vieux Carre architecture of the 19th century era is said to be the biggest and the well maintained district in an American city.  Tourists can explore this place and experience the music and its world class cuisine which is amazing. This place can be explored on your own or with the help of a tour guide for a quick and safe tour around the place.

History & Heritage Tours – New Orleans is a combination of culture of Native Americans, African to Cuban, French, Spanish, Irish, Sicilian and many others.  This is envisaged in multicultural history in the architecture, cuisines and sketches. The city with historic past has plenty of legends and has developed an exciting environment for tourists to  explore and  enjoy.

Culinary Tours – Savouring their unique cuisines is essential while on a visit to New Orleans which has numerous restaurants to cater to the taste-buds of all visiting this region.  Visitors could visit some of the most celebrated historic restaurants comprising of two of the oldest namely Antoine’s and Tujague’s established in 1840 and 1856 individually.

Cocktail Tours –New Orleans is known as the city rich in history of drinking and dining.  Sazerac, the first cocktail had been invented in New Orleans together with Peychaud’s Bitter, Herbsaint, the Grasshopper, Ramos Gin Fizz and the Hurricane

Mardi Gras Tours – Mardi Gras celebration takes place through the two weeks leading to Fat Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent usually in February or early March.  Tourists visiting New Orleans during this amazing event of the year have various choices to experience Mardi Gras. They can book tickets to observe the parades from a private viewing stand or could opt to take a tour of the famous parade routes of the city and French Quarter party spots.  They could also opt to go behind the scenes at Mardi Gras World to get some insight on the efforts put in for this event.

Experience & Memories of New Orleans

Visitors could embark on a trip to New Orleans and experience the mind-blowing excitement in exploring historical sites and relish in their unique cuisines, a city which awakens after dark filled with a magical aura of excitement in the midst of music, food together with its oasis of beauty and its rich ambience drawing all visitors to this amazing destination.

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