Sky Camps

Sky Camps: Perfect Rooftop Tent for Travellers

Sky Camps: Perfect Rooftop Tent for Travellers

Sky Camps: Roof Top tent is the best gear for those looking to hit the road for summertime adventures. Mounting onto a vehicle roof rack is something different, these long-time safari favorite are finding their way more and more in consumer markets. The tents pop up in no time, and you can keep your bedding folded in place while you’re on the go. A rooftop tent offers the perfect solution for that rustic getaway where you can stay in the comfort of your vehicle.

Going camping is so time-consuming putting up tent poles and hammering away. Spend less time working and more time under the stars with a roof tent.


The Sky Camps Tent Project

Sky camp is the most successful tent project. Park your car and set up your sky camp in Just 60 seconds. The sky camp floor is expandable. A king-size mattress can accommodate four people. You won’t find another hard shell rooftop tent this spacious.

Sky camp signature sky view window gives you extra light by day and view of the stars by night. For extra ventilation, the rain fly can be rolled up when not in use.

The hard shell of the sky camp is made of FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) and has two layers of extra insulation and strength, setting it apart from traditional rooftop tent shells.

The sky camp floor is made of high-performance honeycomb aluminum panels that are lightweight and strong enough to hold a 1.8 tons jeep wrangler.

The sky camp tent is made of water-resistant poly-cotton canvas that is breathable. It also comes with waterproof zippers and rain fly for extra protection.

Detachable Tent:

The tent’ skin’ is one part of the Sky camp. It is entirely removable allowing you to switch it with a lighter mesh tent in summer. It replaces the canvas after a few years without having to buy a whole new sky camp. You can also upgrade to one of our limited edition designs.

Detachable Tent
Detachable Tent

The sky camp has been put to the test. It is strong; it handles wind gusts better than any ground tent.

These tents allow you to camp in areas that are otherwise inhabitable because of rocky or rough surfaces too as long as your car is level. They also lift you off the ground, away from puddles, bugs, and roaming wildlife. The best part is they make the road trip ten times easier. You can move from one campsite to the next without fully disassembling the tent. These tents can be set up so quickly that you can spend more time hiking or fishing.

The Kampar Sky Camp

The Kampar sky camp is the ideal solution for many different types of campers. The honeycomb floor has the strength and lightness that many other tents lack. One can get down with the help of a ladder making it more accessible.

The Kampar sky camp
The Kampar sky camp

Few of the rooftop tents are:

Front Runner outfitters Roof Top Tent, Tepui Baja series, Yakima Skyrise, Smittybuilt Overlander, Gen3 Expedition Tent,

Turn your car or truck into a cabin-on-wheels.

Whether traveling helps a couple? 

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