Visit This Mystifying Spot In 2021!

Visit This Mystifying Spot In 2021!

Located at a distance of 30 km from the city of Leh Leh-Kargil Highway There is a small road that avoids the phenomenon of gravity. The reason for this is the magnetic hill that pulls stationary vehicles upwards. Is famous as Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, It is a major tourist attraction in the valley and is an ideal crater for tired riders moving on the highway.

About Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

The picturesque magnetic hill and the road leading to it

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In the strange world in which we live, there are many theories behind this strange wonder of nature. All of these propose a different logic and are supported by stronger arguments, preventing superstitions such as ‘the magnetic path is a straight path to heaven’. Here’s what each of these beliefs and theories have to say.


Villagers living in Magnetic hill of ladakh Believe that at one time there existed a road that led people to heaven. Those who were truly worthy were drawn on the straight path, while those who were not qualified could never go there.

Theory of magnetic force

This is followed by a sensible theory, which is also the most comprehensive. This suggests that there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that draws vehicles within its range. The strange incident on the Leh-Kargil highway has been experienced and witnessed by travelers around the world. As a matter of fact, the infamous hill has caused planes of the Indian Air Force to divert their route in the past to avoid magnetic interference on them.

Optical illusion theory

Another widely accepted theory states that the hill is not a source of magnetic force, but rather just an optical illusion that leads to the drift of the road. Magnetic Hill Ladakh, India Look like an nymph. Therefore, when you see the vehicle going upwards, it is actually going downwards.

Other similar event

There are those who believe that Magnetic Hills are known as Gravity Hills which can be seen all over the world. Some popular examples of Gravity Hills are Gujarat, Electric Bra and Gansu in Scotland and China respectively.

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Best time to visit Magnetic Hill

Best time to visit Magnetic Hill

Image courtesy: Guttambe for Wikimedia Commons
Wondering what are the best months to go on your thrilling journey up this mysterious hill? Best time to travel Ladakh Magnetic Hill Is from July to September. The roads are clear at this time of the year and the weather is perfect to explore Ladakh and its beauty.

Magnetic Hill Ladakh Location

Signboards and markings on the road mentioning the area under the influence of Magnetic Hill

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Situated elegantly at an altitude of 14,000 feet, the Magnetic Hill is located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway in the Trans-Himalayan region. The Indus River flows to the east of Magnetic Hill and makes the surrounding picture an ideal frame.

Blessed with amazing natural beauty and mysterious magnetic capabilities, Ladakh has a magnetic road, where travelers stop to experience strange, gravity-distracting phenomena. A yellow box on the magnetic track, which is a few meters away Magnetic hill road, ladakh Indicates that the vehicle should be parked in neutral gear.

It is from here that the vehicle starts moving at a speed of 20 kmph. So far, many curious travelers have recorded and uploaded Magnetic hill road, ladakh Online for all to see! So, is magnetism really so strong in the magnetic hill of Ladakh? Or is it just a delusional delusion? Let’s look at both possibilities!

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How to reach magnetic vibrating

Tourists traveling in a vehicle on Leh Kargil Highway

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By air: There is a magnetic hill at a distance of 32 km from Leh International Airport, Which is the nearest airstrip and well connected with major airports in India. You can take a taxi to reach you from the airport Ladakh Magnetic Hill Located on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway.
by train: Nearest railhead is Jammu Leh 700 km from Ladakh. Jammu is well connected by rail with Delhi and other major Indian cities. The remaining distance can be covered by taxi.
from the way: If you are traveling from Delhi, Manali-Leh highway is the easiest and most convenient option to reach Leh. State transport buses and private buses ply frequently Magnetic hill in india, Himachal Pradesh to Leh Ladakh. Passengers prefer to travel from Manali to Leh (490 km) in their own vehicles.

where to stay

Vatika Homestay

Are you looking for places to live in or around the Magnetic Hills? The closest hotels to the Magnetic Hills are located in Leh. Magnetic Hills is an open space and there is no option to stay or settle.

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Tip for your holiday

Since the hill falls in a barren region 30 km from Leh, do not expect couples and hotels to eat in this area. If you are all lucky, then you can come across some homestays that can be worth visiting and memorable in Leh Ladakh. Therefore, stock enough snacks in your vehicle before heading for Magnetic Hill in Ladakh.

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Of the two primary evocative theories – magnetic force and illusion in the hill – to date there is no conclusive theory. But, there is definitely something mysterious about the magnetic hill in Ladakh! So think no further; Plan a trip to Leh Ladakh and find it out for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

Is Magnetic Hill Really Magnetic?

You will feel your car rolling in total disregard of natural law. This attraction is a completely natural phenomenon.

How far is the magnetic hill from Leh?

The magnetic hill is located about 30 kilometers from Leh.

Where is the magnetic mountain located?

The magnetic hill is located at an altitude of 14,000 feet on the Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway in the Ladakh region.

How much does magnetic hill cost?

The surrounding slopes create an optical illusion of the hill on the site.

How do I get Magnetic Hill?

You can take a taxi from Leh to reach Magnetic Hill.



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